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Can anyone please recommend a competent lawyer who is both competent and speaks reasonable English Your help and advice will be much appreciated.  Thank you.


Joana Martins Farinha 1466176677

Dear Lionel

I hope this message finds you well.

I am a lawyer, you can contact with me if you need some help.

Kind regards,


tooffy 1467393597

We went onto the British Embassy web site when we purchased a property 3 years ago. We were buying a property in Cascais and managed to find a lawyer called Vasco Soares Da Veiga. He is fluent in many languages and gave us an excellent service. We have since used him for our Portuguese wills. I would recommend him without question. Check him out on the British Embassy web site if you have any doubts. His whole team were extremely helpful and put our minds at rest throughout the whole process. Hope this helps. Jacqui Byrne

lionel-10049736 1467655083

Dear Joana

Can you give ma an email or phone contact please. Thank you

lionel-10049736 1467655651


Thank you for taking the trouble to help...much appreciated. I am impressed by your enthusiastic tone. We have just fired our 13th so-called lawyer. We asked him if he could recommend someone competent and reliable because he admitted he wasn't up to the mark. His reply... No! I dont trust any of them. Perhaps he had met our previous 13.
My singular hesitation, caused by your reference to Portuguese Wills. Perhaps the guy forgot to tell you that UK Wills, in English, are perfectly valid and wholly acceptable in Portugal.

Perhaps you will be kind enough to give me your email or phone so that I can have Sr da Veiga's contact info.

Many thanks, again

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