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Hello, I know this is a question that has come up before, but my husband is looking at starting a business and needs financial advice.  Does anyone know of a good English speaking accountant in the Caldas de Rainha area? Thanks, Annie


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In fact there is an excellent accountant near by!  Silver Coast Financial Consultancy located at Rua 1 de Maio, Loja No 26 2500-315 Tornada, Caldas da Rainha.

You can also have a look through the accountants category for additional contacts: http://lisbon.angloinfo.com/af/360/lisbon-accountants-auditors-and-bookkeepers.html

Best wishes on your business start up.

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Thanks, I had looked at their website, but it didn't seem very business focussed, more advice for pensions etc. It may be worth contacting them. I have looked at the listings, but they are all very Lisbon based and we're looking for an accountant between Lourinha and Figueria da Foz, hence Caldas De Rainha.

Any other business accountants out there?

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It might be a little late, but there is also an accountancy firm that works all over Portugal. look at www.vandoorn.pt. English, German, Portuguese and Dutch speaking.



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After owning businesses here for 10 years i have learned a lot about english speaking accountants in Portugal. Mostly at my cost.

I was as naive as anyone when I though an accountant here would do what an accountant in the UK would.

The business model here seems to be that you take on as many clients as possible (too many to cope with) and you do very little for them so that you keep the costs down. The rub is that if you have just come to Portugal you will not know what your company has to provide/report and when.

Your accountant is unlikely to tell you until the day that its required. Fines for late payment are down to you. So are costs when they miss deadlines because they have too many clients.

Sounds very negative I know. All I am trying to say is that you are in a foreign country now, the title Accountant is not what you are used to and finally. Please do some home work before you go and meet an accountant so that they know exactly what you want them to do and put it in writing!

Keep smiling and remember the ability to speak English is nice but its not an accountancy qualification.

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Interesting comment. I do not disagree at all except that we have worked with several accountants listed on this site and all have proven to be diligent, helpful and avoided unnecessary costs. I can personally vouch for quite a few listed in the Directory




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I couldn't agree more with the sentiments expressed by Castelo.
The troika recently described 'under educated' senior sinecured bureaucrats' that must be removed, or replaced.

The entire educational system is poor, with the inevitable outcome. We have had twelve lawyers, each a complete thickwit and incompetent nincompoop.
Now the guy waiting in the wings to argue his contrary point of view, can have his day by my making a conditional observation that there must be one hiding somewhere.

How likely is it that one would encounter a 'Doctor' who had never heard of Noah and the Ark....is this a Catholic Country?
Until recently, there were no medical texts in Portuguese....all such training was done with English and French Texts. What might one conclude from a medical doctor, from the coincident age group, being wholly unable to understand a word of French?....or a young guy who has just spent three years in full-time computer education, and commercial work experience who knew nothing of 'Restore to an earlier date'
Most disturbingly, several teachers described how pupil attainments were required to be falsified to create the requisite image ...under threat of non-renewal of employment contract next year.

Wow, again

I am puzzled as to why one person would need to work with several accountants....would one good firm not suffice?

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