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Dear all i want to know about NIF and Social Security Number. (1) I here that NIF and Social Security number must be minimum three months older for applying resident permit. Is it True? (2) Please give me the address in Lisbon where i have to apply for NIF and Social Security Number. and fee? (3) Please Also provide me Application form for NIF and Social Security number.


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Dear harsh1990

Welcome to AngloINFO Lisbon!

There is quite a lot of information available on our Information pages to direct you to ther places you need. To answer your first question - the Fical ID (NIF) does not have to be 3 months old but if you are a non-EU resident you would first need to gain authorized entry and then apply for residency. This may be where you received information about an initial 3 months period but that is not to do with the NIF or Social Security numbers.

Please have a look here:

and here for NIF followed by "Citizens shops" at the bottom top find where to go:

Finally here is how to acquire your NIF (in English):

Kind Regards

AngloINFO Lisbon

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Thanks a lot sir, excellent information.

but still i have some question and it will help me lot from your answer

if i am already in Portugal on overstay what should be my first step to get residence permit, to apply NIF number or to applz Social security number or anything else?

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The Social Security number is created using the NIF number so you should obtain your NIF first. If you follow the instructions in the 3rd link above you can take the information necessary to a Portal do Cidadão. You can reserve a time in advance from their site (though this is approximate in practice) and in normal circumstances they will give you your NIF at that visit.

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again thanks a lot sir to provide such a valuable information. but still i required information to get social security number also so please provide me the related information about social security number and i worried of overstay is it problem or not?

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Dear sir i have read the link given by you and i found the place to apply NIF are citizen shops with mentioned address so is it  the right place? I have to take appointment from the particular citizen shop? sorry but I am confirming what i understand.

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Dear harsh1990


We also have some good information in the Information pages about Social Security. Here is a link which will get you started:


If you have overstayed a Visa you will need to apply first for an extension to your stay via the Borders and Immigration Service - SEF. You can find the form here but you will have to go to their offices: 



To answer your latest question you can go to any of the Lojas do Cidadão for the NIF but we do not know if they will issue you a NIF if the visa, or temporary residence permit is not in order from SEF.


Hope this helps.

harsh1990 1454353181

Thanks again

1. I read all the related links. but i still not found Application Form for NIF number and Also for Social security number. So please provide it.

2. During reading i found 2 Social security services nearst to Lisbon is in only Coimbra, so it means there is no Social security services centre in Lisbon proper? But if available please send me the address.

3. How can i take appoinment for NIF for particular citizen shop nearest to me, because phone number and email is common for all citizen shops? Appointment should be taken by phone or email? 

Please reply soon,Thanks

harsh1990 1454609663

where we can check the NIF number it is ok?


ArmandoLeal 1454731018

You can go to and see if a NIF is valid. 

harsh1990 1454856224

thanks for valuable information.  I have one more question is that

a person who want to apply for NIF is required any other person's reference or gaurantee to apply? Means can i directly apply myself to citizen store or valid place? and they need any proof of acomodation? After application from where i have to collect the NIF and how long time its take?

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In the third link that AngloINFO provided you above the Citizen Shop asks for your passport. So proof of identity. You can go along yourself to the Citizen Shop. They also say it takes 2 or 3 days to issue and costs €6.80 euros when they issue the card.

it does not say guarantors or references are required 

hope this helps


harsh1990 1454884611

ok thanks a lot for information

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