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Good morning. I am trying to find out the official regulations relating to whether it is illegal to overtake another vehicle in the area between a sign advising of the approach to a pedestrian crossing and the crossing itself, i.e., within the zone itself. Thank you for any assistance.


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You can find a copy of the latest edition of the Portuguese Highway code here:

Highway Code - Portugal - 2014

Your question is technical.

It appears that section 41 º 1 d  may be relevant:

"Artigo 41.o

Ultrapassagens proibidas

1 - É proibida a ultrapassagem:

d) Imediatamente antes e nas passagens assinaladas para a travessia de peões e velocípedes;"

(Google Translate)

"Overtaking prohibited:

D) Immediately before and in the passages marked for the crossing of pedestrians and bicycles; ""

You would probably do best to drop into a local driving school or speak to a solicitor for confirmation.

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