started by: Filipe-756140 · last update: 1210952295 · posted: 1210719174

Again for the 15th time this year, another raise in the price of diesel and petrol of 3 Euro cents. One of the highest prices in the world!! When will it stop?

started by: LucyB-756464 · last update: 1210873885 · posted: 1210501808

If one is resident here, do you have to make a will in this country or does a UK will still stand? Lucy B

started by: SPB-756468 · last update: 1210256623 · posted: 1209295657

Can anyone recommend a foreign exchange company. I need to transfer money from the UK to here. Thanks. SPB

started by: spyderman · last update: 1209418458 · posted: 1206030443

I'm new to Lisbon and I hope that someone will explain to me how the Sanitation tax (levied by Lisbon Town Hall) works. When will I receive the billing for 2007 and by when does it have to be paid ? Thanks spyderman

started by: SPB-756468 · last update: 1209295931 · posted: 1209295931

How long have you got before you need to present a cheque, here in Portugal. I seem to remember it being 6 months in the UK before it's out of date. SPB

started by: LucyB-756464 · last update: 1208883922 · posted: 1208523208

What do you do about insuring personal effects for general loss of (or damage) clothes, camera's, bicycles etc? Can it be added to house insurance or is it necessary to take out insurance here? Lucy B

started by: LucyB-756464 · last update: 1208522767 · posted: 1208172960

Thinking about starting up a business here. What's the first thing I need to do in order to become registered/legal etc? Lucy B

started by: chunkymonkey-756475 · last update: 1208345385 · posted: 1207993542

What documents do I need in order to open a bank account here?

started by: luke&nat · last update: 1207993764 · posted: 1207409108

Has anybody applied for this here? Is it necessary as we are in the EU, and if it is where do we go? Does it cost anything?

started by: SPB-756468 · last update: 1207217663 · posted: 1206873958

I heard somewhere that the rate is dropping to 20% - is this correct and if so when does it come into operation? SPB

started by: micky-756053 · last update: 1206957714 · posted: 1206699742

Do you think these will be introduced in Portugal? Someone said that its part of an EU directive, which will cover all EU countries by 2010. Is this true?

started by: SPB-756468 · last update: 1206874480 · posted: 1206874480

I want to build a garden wall about 4 ft high along the front of my garden by the road. Do I need to obtain planning permission for this? SPB

started by: luke&nat · last update: 1206546406 · posted: 1205759850

Is it true the law has changed recently in connection with when you get your car taxed? If anyone could shed any light on this it would be appreciated. Thanks.

started by: SPB-756468 · last update: 1206008737 · posted: 1205940628

Can anyone recommend an accountant in Lisbon, Portuguese or English it doesn't matter, although preferably English speaking. Thank you SPB

started by: luke&nat · last update: 1205579283 · posted: 1205518030

How does it work here? When do they have to be completed by and where can you get the forms from? Sorry about my ignorance, only been here a few months and I have been working on the Green receipt system. What do I need to do? Thanks in advance for any help

started by: littleme-755821 · last update: 1203192549 · posted: 1203069406

Is it worth doing this when building is already insured, can you get such a policy even? and is it much of a saving in the end?

started by: Pru-756019 · last update: 1202232961 · posted: 1202208262

Not convinced we've got the best current account for our requirements so shopping around for a new one. Where would be a good place to go?

started by: candybar-755871 · last update: 1201012104 · posted: 1200218602

Could anyone tell me what the law is on cannabis in this country please.

started by: Iman Kan · last update: 1196972951 · posted: 1172613406

Please, can someone tell me the difference between the Fiscal Number and the Residence Card? Iman Kan

started by: spyderman · last update: 1196862915 · posted: 1196804825

My apartment is in a small building (3 apartments and 1 commercial premises) and I've been told that I must personally subscribe an insurance policy to cover my share of the actual building insurance and individual apartment insurance against water damage, theft of possessions/objects of value, etc.. Could anyone explain how this works in Portugal and perhaps indicate a competively prices insurance company or broker.Thank You.spyderman

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