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A thought-provoking rant from Andy Parsons in this week's blog. Click here to view: Banks

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Hi There is an important reminder about this from Andy Parsons on his blog this week. Click here to read his article: Lisbon Live

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My spouse is Portuguese, we've recently moved to Cascais and I am about to register for a residence card (turning in the info below). Does anyone know if the authorities will want to keep my passport while they are processing my application? And if so how long that will take? I'm a bit concerned as I travel regularly with my work. Family members of nationals of an EEA Member State who are nationals of a third country must apply for a residence card from the Direcção (Central Office) or Delegação Regional [Regional Office] of the Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras [Immigration Service] in the area where they live within 30 days of the end of their first three months in Portugal. Before the residence card can be issued, a valid passport, a document confirming the family relationship and the registration certificate of the national of the EEA Member State who they are accompanying or going to join must be presented.

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An interesting article on new Employment Law has been posted to Lisbon Live by guest writers, the lawyers Neville de Rougement & Associados. Please click here to find it: Lisbon Live - Changes to Employment Law

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As I mentioned in an earlier post, my wife and I are about to come for an extended visit prior to moving over from the USA. I'll be needing a good attorney for some basic needs. My Portuguese is very rusty, so English speaking would be appreciated.

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We need to have a few documents notarized. Does anyone know of a notary in Loures?

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Looking for guidance here as I must transfer funds from an account here to a non-EU bank. I see that Portugal has Western Union but has anyone used any other services they found satisfactory?

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Can someone tell me how long bank cheques are valid here?

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We are shipping a small amount of personal clothing and household goods from the USA to our home in Cascais. We have resolved all questions about the certificado de bagagem, and chosen a shipper from the US. Anyone know / have experience with RECEIVING these goods in Portugal? Where is the port, what does one need to do to get the goods, etc?? Thanks,Craig and Micki

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I'm looking for an attorney to help with writing a will and dealing with Portuguese laws of succession. Will travel if the attorney is specialized,

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We've run into some problems with a couple of these machines not having an English translation as our Portuguese is not up to speed. Can someone help us by telling us the names for withdrawals and also how to refill the account for our mobile phone when using these machines? Very grateful for any help.

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Looking for banking with online availability in English and local branches easily accessed. Is there a bank that many here have found easier to use than others?

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Must someone go to Financas to sign up or can it be all taken care of over the Internet?

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A family member is in need of speaking with an experienced English speaking attorney about a residency concern. Can anyone here recommend a qualified attorney?

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I worked all of 2011 in Portugal, but I will be moving back to the United States in about 3.5 weeks. As a result, I will need to file 2011 taxes here in Portugal while no longer living here. Does anyone know the process for filing income taxes in Portugal when no longer living here? Is it possible to do this electronically? I have not been able to find any information online or at my local Financas office.I would greatly appreciate any help/information or perhaps a suggestion for (a reasonably priced) accountant that could potentially help me out.Thank you!

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Hey All, Bom Ano / Happy New Year to you all!I've been living in Lisbon for around 2 1/2 years now and the tax system still confuses the hell out of me. I'm a self employed illustrator living with a small business who needs someone to help me with my finances here.I mainly do work for companies overseas which seems to confuse the hell of accountants here.Can anyone recommend an English speaking account who can advise me of my financial/legal situation and help me with my finances from this point on please?Many thanks,Anthony.

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With the economy so bad in America, I am thinking of moving myself and kids to Europe. Lisbon seems especially appealing as I am an accountant and could find work there. One of my children is 13 and has Epilepsy. Does anyone know how the Portuguese school system will help her grasp the language?

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Hi all, Just some advice needed please. I am starting a global recruitment agency and I Australian living in Portugal. I am aiming to recruit for international companies(majority energy) and I intend to recruit mainly from the Portuguese and Australian labour market.My question and I realise this is showing my ignorance is should I register the business as Australian and have it based in Lisbon or should I register the business in Portugal. Can I legally register the business in Australia and run from Portugal without breaching any Portuguese laws? Any advice or information appreciated. Kind Regards Mark

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I'm hopeful to get the name of an expert who can help us decide to change a small USA company over to Portuguese. We've very basic questions and the business is certainly not a Fortune 500 (or 1000, for that matter!).

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I'm wondering if any Americans here have had to deal with our Soc Sec system. If so, what's the best way to avoid being on hold for 45 minutes and working through claims issues?

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