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Hi I'm looking for a TOC accountant for my Lda company that is being formed at the moment. Any advice and pointers would be appreciated..

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I purchased a tecnogas cooker in 2006 costing 650 euro s, yesterday the glass oven door exploded into a thousand pieces, fortunately nobody was in the kitchen at the time. I contacted the retailer who says it is only guaranteed 2 years, obviously there must be a fault with the cooker, any help with consumer protection addresses, or any other advice appreciated.

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Recently it was suggested that I get insurance for my belongings. I rent a house here, so it would be renter's insurance. I could also use an additional quote for my car. Suggestions for a representative or company would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi, can anyone recommend a public notary in Lisbon please? Thanks, John

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I hope someone can helpMy father who was English but lived in the Algarve for several years died last year.We had brought him back to the UK to live in a nursing home 2 years prior to his death.Unfortunately we were unable to complete the sale of his property until after his death by which time all his assets had passed to my sister and myself.The sale of the property raised just under 100,000 euros.Now the Portuguese lawyer who we have been using for his affairs including probate in Portugal has told us that we have to pay 28.5% in death duties on the whole amount realised by the sale. Is this correct it seems incredibly high.Thank-you

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The Tax Authorities (DGCI) have issued a clarification of when a person is considered "non resident" for Tax purposes. Please see the communication in English below:SUBJECT: IMMIGRANT CITIZENS – CHANGE OF NONRESIDENT STATUS TO RESIDENTDear Sir / Madam,Taking into account that in the sequence of your requestfor a Tax Identification Number (Número de IdentificaçãoFiscal [NIF]) you were registered as a "non resident",please note the following:a) You shall be considered as a "non resident", for taxpurposes, until you meet any of the criteriaestablished in Article 16(1) of the Tax Code –Income and Gains of Individuals;b) Under Article 16 of the mentioned Tax Code,persons are considered to be resident in Portugueseterritory if in the year to which the income or gainsrelate to they have remained in national territorymore than 183 days, consecutive or otherwise. Thisrule is also applied when, having stayed for lesstime, they have available in Portugal , on December31 of the relevant year, accommodation inconditions that indicate an intention to keep andoccupy it as an habitual residence;c) After meeting one of the criteria established in theabove mentioned Article 16(1), you will have toupdate your registration, as soon as possible, at atax office or "loja do cidadão" (Citizens AssistanceOffice), by indicating your address in Portugueseterritory and, in case a tax representative had beennominated, terminate the representation,irrespective of any other changes due.

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Hello! I am new on this forum and I am desperately looking for a Portuguese company willing to insure my motorhome with UK plates Any advise, clue or hint welcome... Jo

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We're looking at buying a property and don't have much information about to begin so we're thinking a good attorney might be beneficial. Can someone recommend an English speaking lawyer for this purpose?

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We've just been notified that the taxes we thought were paid on our PT reg car in November were overlooked. We can't find anywhere to calculate what sort of penalty we could be facing. Does anyone have a link, suggestion or knowledge that might help? Thinking the penalty could be more than twice the tax is upsetting!

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It's a bit scary trying to do taxes here for the first time. We're hopeful that others here can pass on a name of an individual or company who can advise us.

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Are there any legal firms known here who practice this sort of law? We're in negotiations with a maritime company and need representation.

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Having a difficult time of it when trying to use my BES multibank card to send a payment via paypal. Can anyone help?

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Can anyone help me find the scale to use when figuring out what a maid is entitled to regarding social security? Example, if someone works 28 hours per week, what must I pay for social security?? Many thanks

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Hi,we are having trouble getting the rental agency Ins to return our deposit. We left the property over a year ago and have been contacting them ever since to try and get our deposit returned. They have ignored emails, told us it will be paid within a few days on many occasions and still we have not received the money. They and the landlady agreed it should be paid back i.e. no damages etc but they are now claiming they're having financial difficulties and have no money.If anyone had a suggestion on what to try next I would greatly appreciate it as we could really do with the money back.Thanks in advance xx

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Is it possible for complete tax returns online? If so, would the person posting please provide the website? Thanks.

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I have always believed that a valid Escritura was suffificient to sell a property. Apparently it is not. If a part of your property was not registered with the Finanças by your notary at the time of purchase the sale can be blocked. Also when the local authority computerized their records and changed some of the cadastral numbers I found my house had been taken over and effectively destroyed by someone else. The land became a car dump. He claimed to have bought it but could produce no proof. It has taken three lawyers, several years, and many thousands of Euros to reclaim my property. Do I have a case against the local authority or the Portuguese state ? I consider Portuguese property law did not protect me as it should. Foi sem querer

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Can anyone tell me where I can find verifiable, complete information and updates about this and the changes that may be coming?

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Will debit cards from the UK or USA work here?

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We're wondering which banks might offer an account where my USD funds may be deposited. Currently I'm paying big transfer fees and wish to consolidate to one back here if possible. Someone mentioned certain banks here will do this. Can anyone verify this for me?

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I'm looking for a solicitor to handle some issues related to business set up. Can someone direct me to such a person, preferably who speaks English and German?

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