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We're attempting to buy a house that had a remodel job in 2005. My brother says there should be a document called a Ficha Technica de Habitação but the seller of the property can't produce it. Is there anyone here who's gone through this and can tell us if we must we have this document?

started by: wellmichelle · last update: 1286737380 · posted: 1286544577

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone could help me out with this, I went to open a bank account and I've been told that along with various other documents, I need a Recibo de Vencimento. Could anyone let me know what exactly this is? Thanks, Michelle

started by: agnes devlin · last update: 1283802573 · posted: 1283639432

Estate agents in Lisbon...where can I find a good agent who is able to speak English, please? Any recommendations?

started by: Love2sing-760845 · last update: 1283570736 · posted: 1283470576

Can anyone share with me whether I must take a lease with a 5 year term as it is all the owner of the property will agree to?

started by: DaveB-760264 · last update: 1280268021 · posted: 1280186302

Can anyone recommend a bank with easy-to-use online banking (maybe in English?)?

started by: Singher · last update: 1279254088 · posted: 1279120909

I was recently married out of Portugal but to a Portuguese national. What documents do I provide to register my marriage here (my spouse does not know)?

started by: Love2sing-760845 · last update: 1277843607 · posted: 1277759352

Can someone tell me who to contact in Lisbon because my passport has been lifted. Nothing else was taken that I can see. Can't get through to my country's embassy as the line was engaged all day!

started by: lusitano-760837 · last update: 1277723972 · posted: 1277720724

can anyone help us too start off on the right foot and tell us where to register and how self employed thanks in advance x

started by: T&G_Newbridge · last update: 1277491901 · posted: 1277306077

Hi, my husband and I are Americans and planning to move to Portugal by November of this year. Can someone help me find out what I need to supply for residency such as birth certificates, police checks, etc. The Embassy is telling us one thing and Portuguese Immigration says something different. Do any of the anglo info members have experience in this area or can you direct me to some reference?

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Can anyone recommend an English-speaking Financial Advisor? Thanks.

started by: Bigblue-760895 · last update: 1276628549 · posted: 1276514694

Hey All,I work for myself as a freelance illustrator and have been living in Lisbon for around a year now. I'm fully registered here (recibo verde) but still receive work from my previous home (Ireland).I wonder if anyone could recommend an English speaking (reasonably cheap) account or advisor I could talk to regarding tax issues with billing other countries in the EU ie, Ireland!?Or could someone recommend somewhere I could look for clear instructions on this?Much appreciated.

started by: jagra · last update: 1276026585 · posted: 1275429986

I'm trying to get hold of my IBAN - International Bank Account Number - for my UK account. It's some general code my bank apparently has, according to Wikipedia, but I can't find it.Anyone able to help?

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Hello, My father and mother are Portuguse nationals aged 65 & 60 but they have never stayed in Portugal. They have spend their entire life in India and now wants to come to Portugal. Can they claim any social security and governement housing facilities in Portugal. what benefits and rights can they get and what is to be done. Serious help and advice needed. Thanks, Kalpesh

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How do I go about getting a letting license for a property in Cascais?

started by: DonaGael · last update: 1274728750 · posted: 1273570630

Single woman here (widowed in 1989) and getting married soon to a Portuguese man. Do I really need to have the embassy issue a letter saying that they DON'T issue a letter of impediment for my upcoming wedding? All the embassy says is that the will not issue a letter of my status. I'm confused!

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Is it possible to open a bank account in portugal before arriving there? If so, how? Lynn

started by: Alan-760267 · last update: 1273491224 · posted: 1272580382

Does anyone know what's going on with Portugal's credit rating being downgraded? Do people suggest transferring Euros home to the UK?

started by: tati-761609 · last update: 1272554194 · posted: 1272492144

Hi everybody, a need some help from somebody living in Portugal. I live in Germany and need to make a bank transfer to Portugal. I was instructed to do the following(in portuguese language): Conforme resposta ao email anterior a certidão só pode ser paga por cheque, vale postal ou dinheiro. Can anyone explain me how can it be done without leaving germany? feel free to contact me;) my email is tati.spambox [_at_] gmail . com or just answer here.

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Has anyone had experience using Excel Currencies Ltd

started by: Luke-760266 · last update: 1268263667 · posted: 1267452064

I've got all my tax return info for last year, but it's a bit difficult considering I don't really speak great Portuguese.Is there someone I can pay to do this for me (preferably not very much)?

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