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Does Lisbon have a noise law? I think it covers the period between 10 pm until 7 am, but I'm not sure.

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We are moving end of January from London to Estoril and have already found a flat in Estoril. Now we want to make an electricity contract and we discovered that we need a tax number for doing it. We are currently in UK and have no idea where and how to manage it. We are afraid that when we come to PT end of January we are sitting in cold and dark flat because the legal proceeding to get a tax number will take ages. Does anybody have any idea how to manage it from abroad?We don't speak Portuguese unfortunately. still...

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Is there a maximum I can earn while working via Green receipts? Have been to Segurança Social but not sure I understood 100%. Can someone help, please?

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Where can I go to have a credit report done on my business here in Lisbon? Do any of the financial institutions here honour Dun and Bradstreet?

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does any one know of one who is an expert in land please

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I was just able to find a job here and have signed a work contract for 6 months, which I understand is typical for when you're just hired. How long should this take to be approved by whatever government bodies have to take a peek at it and me? What benefits will I have once all the documents are approved, etc? This is such a different way of being hired from what I was used to, so I really need some help.

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hi everyone, were new to northern portugal and would like to start off on the right foot how do you go about planning and renovations is it similar to france or the uk and what is the best advice you can offer us. weve not yet signed but are getting close and the agent doesnt seem to know. any help much appreciated

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is it legally possible to do a direct swap with no cash changing hands

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I need another fiscal rep., preferably in the Tomar area, any ideas would be fully appreceiated.You are my sunshine..

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Need advice on who I might use to move my retirement (USA) over that is sitting in a 401 account. Also, who can I contact about the regulations/taxes I might run into if I make withdrawals. Right now I face tax penalties of 30% if I touch any of the money. Is it the same here?

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I've recently been advised to set up an Association for an idea that I have, but am very confused on how to do this and the legal implications of doing so. Does anyone know of any guidelines I can find on this. I have searched the internet and can only find information on American Association and UK Associations. I've got a copy of the constituation, but am not sure how rigidly this needs to be followed, how I'm allowed to fund the Association (i.e. through donations, profits from a local business, subscriptions) and tax related issues. If anyone has any information on this I would be really grateful. Thanks Rose

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Where can I find the SWIFT code for my English bank account so that I can transfer some many from my Portuguse account to my English account?

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can a person who is here for two months use this card to get treatment?

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we have a neighbour who has taken to playing very very loud music for hours on end, its sending me crazy do not want a battle but what can I do?

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In the case of a 5 year house rental contract when that contract has expired and the tenancy continues without a new contract what is the legal liability of the fiador on the original contract?

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Just got a call from a frantic friend who has found her partner did not file this years tax return. How should she proceed with this?

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looks like it might be messy so she ( niece) will need someone whos good.

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I was toying with the idea of starting a business over here. Just something like a cafe for English people. How easy is it to do? How many legal things are there to think about?

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Hi there, I wondered if anyone on here knew about public rights of way along riversides? We have a riverside plot of land and have just been told by the local sheperdess that her sheep have the right to graze and the right of way through our land - when I explained that we were concerned for the safety of her sheep as we have 14 dogs, she said that we must fence across our land 20 metres back from the river so her sheep can come there. Does anyone know what the laws are regarding this? I know that the public services have access if they want it, but she said that 20 metres back from any river in Portugal is publico and anyone can hunt, fish swim & graze their animals regardless of who owns the land We certainly do not want to be difficult, however persuading our animals that the sheep are not for them is a different matter! Any help would be much appreciated Many thanks Debs & Johnny

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I heard a item on BBC radio 4 yesterday that said all so called recretional drugs are no longer illegal here, also there is some evidence to show this is a good way to deal with problem. I would like to read more about this if you have seen any info could you please post the links

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