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Anybody know where I can teff flour in Lisbon? If they have a store that sells Ethiopian ingredients then probably there, but I can't find a store.

started by: Lauryn-763208 · last update: 1509272014 · posted: 1353709603

My diet is vegetarian and I was told finding food can be difficult. Are there markets in Lisbon selling vegetarian options - Linda McCartney meals, pre-made soy veggie burgers (Boca in the USA), others?

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I'm unable to use most artificial sweeteners and have used Stevia for several years since arriving in Portugal. Thankfully, I brought more back with me each time I traveled to the US because now I understand that the government here has banned its use! It seems like it just happened because 2 weeks ago I bought some at Continente. Is the local sugar industry behind this - pushing it out due to sugar sales dropping?  

started by: Anonymous · last update: 1464040572 · posted: 1463662488

I'd like a list of restaurants in Cascais to take some visitors while we are here. Is there one I can look over? Thanks!

started by: Anonymous · last update: 1463001896 · posted: 1463001896

In search of a good traditional Mexican restaurant including Mexican cervejas! 

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Does anyone know where I can buy golden syrup? We love it on pancakes and when I try to make it, it turns out badly.

started by: Anonymous · last update: 1460469441 · posted: 1460469191

Can someone explain what tinned cavala is? I've been wondering if it's a type of mackeral? There are some nicely packaged tins I've seen and thought they'd be nice to share with friends back in the States, but I want to be sure what I'm sending over!

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Does someone know the name of the cake made with cookies and coffee?

started by: Lauryn-763208 · last update: 1455810639 · posted: 1454963687

Need to know if there's a decent place for pasta/pizza for friends coming to Lisbon soon, please.

started by: Laka · last update: 1450124825 · posted: 1450124825

Hello we are a couple from sweden. we will stay during new year in Lisboa at rua do arsenal. We wonder if you have any recommendations for us to eat out? Merry Christmas and happy new year

started by: agnes devlin · last update: 1448374354 · posted: 1447940235

Is Splenda available here? If so, where can I but some?

started by: Lauryn-763208 · last update: 1447085580 · posted: 1444647003

Does anyone have a description of Portuguese names for various meat cuts? I'd like to try the butcher nearby but do not understand what to ask for at the counter!

started by: Jo James-751169 · last update: 1447085499 · posted: 1447085499

I travel between Lisbon, Alentejo and the Algarve and I'm always exploring the local gastronomy in Portual. So, I was very happy to see that a wonderful book was just released entitled, Guia de Restaurantes Certificados do Alentejo regarding restaurants in Alentejo Litoral and Baixo Alentejo. This comes about from a project Entidade Regional de Turismo (ERT) initiated, called "Alentejo Good Taste". 84 restaurants scattered throughout the region now bear a seal of certification that speaks well of the establishment, food and even the host. There are lots of images in the book making it that much more interesting. The print edition is available in Portuguese and English, and also available in electronic version eBook - in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish. The restaurant guide will be available in the national and international bookseller network - namely at Fnac and Bertrand - and in its electronic version housed in www.visitalentejo.pt site. I hope you all are as interested as I am about eating great food in great restaurants.

started by: RuthB24 · last update: 1438121126 · posted: 1438077727

Hi.  I am in a hotel in cascais,  and I forgot to bring my carefully - purchased travel kettle!  Room service tea is €10,  and I will be destitute by the end of the day at this rate.  Can anyone suggest where I can buy a kettle in the town?  We don't have a car, so can't get to out of town shopping centre. Thank you! 

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Looking for kids themed paper plates, cups, etc. for an upcoming party. Help please?

started by: Rick Shaw · last update: 1434407004 · posted: 1396120192

Are there any alternatives to the ready made vegetarian meals the supermarkets offer? Someone mentioned a shop near Cascais that has good frozen options but I don't know the name of the shop.

started by: PeterYork · last update: 1433511641 · posted: 1433255649

we will be arriving in Lisbon for a short visit. We hear that the sardines in months without an "R" taste best, so can anyone reccommend a good restaurant? We arrive next week.

started by: GoToGirl-762545 · last update: 1433255771 · posted: 1391602687

I love Portuguese wine and have experimented with many regional wines since moving here. Are there any vineyards where they offer tastings and a tour of the vines and process of wine making? We'd like to take a weekend to do this in near future.

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Does anyone know if they can post items for those who do not have transportation?

started by: MeredithThompkins · last update: 1413972845 · posted: 1413936811

What time do stores, mainly grocery markets, close daily? Can you buy freshly made bread there or only packaged in the markets? I've heard there are many cafes and bars where you can sit and enjoy coffee - are they under any rule to close on certain days or hours?

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