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My family has arrived and is staying in a small house rented for their holiday. For the past few nights the noise from several bars and private houses has been destructive to our peace, minding our own business. The noise I'm talking about has been after 2AM, so we're not talking about early evening hours. In our family there are 2 people with special needs and a child who have been awakened repeatedly. Isn't there a legal cut off for this sort of noise? Some of it happens during Mon-Fri and I can only image the poor people who are expected to be at work and at their best the next day. We don't want to make trouble, but if the noise could end at midnight it would really make a difference. Can anyone here help?  

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Hi all. Currently I am living in Lisbon Center. From 1 June, I need to shift to Alcabideche around Cascaishopping as my job is shifted there. I am urgently looking to rent an apartment T2 or even a big room could work for now. It is for me, my wife and a beautiful princess of 5 years. Looking to spend around 600€ for apartment and if a good size big room up to 300€. Can you please kindly help. Thank you. Madan920065861

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I come in Portugal last year in August month 2019 and I have entry with schengen visa and my articles is 88/2 now I want to know about if , I can apply for green receipt for independent workers in Portugal then will it affect on my previous status in SEF or it's change in my Finance number or status.

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Hi, i am hoping that this will help me find someone. The people i need to find, are Louise Bader, married to Emil, but due to the age factor, are probably deceased. (they would be in their late 80's or early 90's at a guess). Their last address (14 years ago!) was Praca Julio de Lemos, 162 r/c Dt P-4900 VIANA DO CASTELO. Their daughter is named Tanya, we believe the surname could be More, and she has a son named Dimitri. It is important that I find these people, and I hope that someone here will be able to help me. I have approached the portugese registrar office, but didn't get very far, so want to explore this avenue before i try the embassy here in australia. Any hints and tips gratefully received, if this is not the right place. I realise this is a needle in a haystack approach, but you just never know.ThankyouTinaaustralia

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My name jose Anthony  I'm new here I don't have work please find any job I can because  I have 2kids and wife please  help. God bless you

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My name jose Anthony  I'm new here I don't have work please find any job I can because  I have 2kids and wife please  help. God bless you

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Hello, I am journalist based in Madrid, Spain for the french-german channel "Arte". With my colleagues, we are working on a report about British retired people living in Portugal. We would like to follow a person or a couple in his daily life, to understand the reasons he/she/they moved from the UK to Portugal. The goal in also to show their activities there (any hobbie, meeting with other british expats, with local people...). I have already talk with some British expats there and they all told me that people do not really want to talk because of some stereotypes spread by medias but I can assure you that it is not what we will do. For logistics reasons, it would be better to do it with someone near Lisbon, Porto, Cascais or Estoril. Please contact me if you are interested or if you know someone who might be. Here is my phone number : +336 68 10 62 76Thank you for your consideration.Best regards, Julien

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Hello Everyone! I am staying in Lisbon for 3 months and I would love to find a place where I could volunteer or work without a salary. My goal is not to earn money! I want to get some expierence here! I have expierence in working as a salesperson in the clothes shop, as a waitress and some expierence in the field of administration. If you need any help to your staff, please, just let me know!

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hello lovely people, I am looking to find info on how to or is possible to buy stamps online with tracking. I know you can buy envelopes with tracking included, but for my purposes I need to buy online in bulk and print and then attach to my package. I know other european countries offer this, can anyone point me in the right direction please.many thanks

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Hi, does anyone know if there is a professional clothing dyer. I want to dye my coat, and asked in a dry cleaners @5sec but they don't do it. Maybe someone knows another company that does? Thanks

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Mrs Tessa Van den Berg passed away last week.The funeral will be held on Friday, 5th January, at 11 o’clock at Alcabideche Crematorium.  We commend her to God's eternal care in Christ.

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Please be sure to read the latest blog on Cascais Live as it gives details about the upcoming visit by the British Ambassador. Registration is needed to attend the event and a direct link to do so has been included in the text. Here's the article: https://www.angloinfo.com/blogs/portugal/lisbon/cascais-live/british-ambassador-reaching-out-to-the-british-community/

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Does anyone know where in Lisboa one can buy containers of hummus, baba ganoush, tabouleh, stuffed grape leaves, etc?  Thanks!

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In light of the large forest fire and devastation in the Pedrogão Grande area, we are reaching out to encourage you to support the community efforts in the region.    Close to 1500 fire firefighters and emergency staff have been working around the clock since Saturday to control the wildfire and provide aid to the families of the 62 who lost their lives and the hundreds who have lost their homes in the region.   We have compiled the following list of supply needs and drop off points from the information floating around on social media and in the news.    The need is dire so and every bit helps so thank you in advance for your generosity to the kind and gracious people of Portugal.   For Firemen:  ·         Bandages ·         Biscuits – small packets to snack ·         Burn Cream ·         Compresses ·         Cereal bars or Energy/protein bars ·         Energy drinks ·         Saline ·         Water – small bottles (33cl or 50 cl)   For Displaced Families ** NOT FOOD** ·         Bed sheets and linens (towels, etc.)           Clothes ·         Hygiene products   Drop-off Locations: Bombeiros de Alcabideche – Now at full capacity but are still accepting donations. .  Bombeiros Voluntarios de Sintra, Colares taking from the list and later will be accepting donations for people who have lost everything Bombeiros Voluntarios de Algés  Monetary Contribution: The Portuguese Ministry of Internal Affairs is encouraging monetary donations that would be properly directed according to the needs of the displaced families:   ·         Caixa Geral de Depósitos ("Unidos por Pedrógão" to support the victims) IBAN number PT50 0035 0001 00100000 330 42   Additional list of accounts available in Portugal News http://www.theportugalnews.com/news/bank-account-opened-for-pedrogao-fire-victims-as-minister-asks-country-to-stop-donating-food/42287   For up-to-date information on the wildfire, please visit: National Authority for Civil Protection http://www.prociv.pt/en-us/SITUACAOOPERACIONAL/Pages/default.aspx

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The Estoril and Cascais Bombeiros fire stations are collecting supplies for fire fighters affected by the fires that have spread near Coimbra. A large contingent from all over the country and from Spain are fighting ferocious fires on several fronts and they need: Bottles of water (33 ou 50cl) Cereal bars Snacks that are individually packaged (cookies for example) Dry fruits Milk Saline All items can be dropped off at the local fire station. Upon dropping off the items, they will take your name and date of donation; this is to ensure that all donations are given to those fire fighters in need rather than being appropriated for other purposes. Please give generously.

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A new article and some great photos was just published on Algarve Live. The article is by Bev Gibbons of Pinetrees Riding Centre and highlights riding for the disabled and Jogos de Quelfes and the Special Olympics. 

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A new article detailing the International Women in Portugal's recent visit to the Jose de Almada Negreiros exhibition where they enjoyed a guided tour. The article is very good while relaying much information, including details about the Golden Ratio and how when not being able to pay a restaurant bill, paintings were commissioned!Please take a few minutes to enjoy this article, which can be found here:  https://www.angloinfo.com/blogs/portugal/lisbon/lisbon-live/international-women-in-portugal-jose-de-almada-negreiros-exhibition/

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Robyn Lake and Julie Dutra have put together an amazing set of ongoing articles entitled, "Life and Times Cascais"Articles will be tailored for young families, introducing readers to the writers' special spots and lots of how-to's, including how to find an accountant for a business and how to get a free ultrasound!A warm welcome to Robyn and Julie!

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Does anyone know how to get your A-levels recognised in Portugal?Thanks

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Read all about the IWP's recent book readings, by their respective authors, at the Cascais Municipal Library and had questions answered about the writing process: http://blogs.angloinfo.com/cascais-live/2017/04/23/international-women-in-portugal-book-readings/

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