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I'm having a terrible time with flies in my kitchen. I see houses with bags of water hanging around windows and doors but I'd like to have something a little more proven so I can keep my door and windows to the garden open. I have not had luck with those stickers you place on windows with flower decoration.Any suggestions? 


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I use the plug in type and find they work well. My doors are often open and my kitchen is kept clear.

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Hi, you can get a fly trap cost in pounds is about 10gbp. These are for outside use only and are called red top fly traps. They are excellent and work very well collecting upto 20000 flies in three months, though I've never counted them.
They do whiff so use them about 10yards away from where you will be sat.
They are sold on amazon don't get from eBay as the ones I bought there were imitation and didn't work.

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