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Hello -- I am writing this from the United States.  A very generous Portuguese family in Cascais will be hosting my daughter for an extended weekend in their home.  I would like to arrange to send them a nice gift from a local place in Cascais -- does anyone know of local stores (local florists, gift shops, wine stores, etc) with an internet presence from whom I could order a gift delivered???  Gift suggestions welcome, too.   Thanks much, Char


Lorraine Bregeras 1426202128

In my experience, people enjoy and value gifts from the USA. Why not send your daughter over with a gift?  A friend sent me a lovely crocheted coverlet for our bed and I have enjoyed it for years.

Tear Linhos is where I would suggest a special hostess gift, but they do not have a website. Is it possible for your daughter to shop?

charrawson 1426373169

Lorraine -- Thank you so much for replying to my request.  I did not mention that my daughter is not in the U.S. -- she is currently in Paris doing a study abroad program.  So, I can't send something with her which I why I'd like to order something from a local spot to be delivered to the host...


LucyInLisbon 1426379218

My first recommendation would be Zara Home: I cannot walk through the store without finding things I'd love to have in my home. Great site!

charrawson 1426966977

Lucy -- Thank you so much for your helpful suggestion.  I looked at the site and I am sure I will find something lovely to send.


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