Hummus, Baba ganoush, etc... Where to buy?

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Does anyone know where in Lisboa one can buy containers of hummus, baba ganoush, tabouleh, stuffed grape leaves, etc?  Thanks!


agnes devlin 1392837666

I can't say I've seen baba ganoush, but I make hummus weekly because I love it. You can always go by Joshua's for the bg, tabouleh and grape leaves! Not great but still good. We went last year to the Royale Cafe at Lg. Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro, n029 R/C Esq. Food was very good.

Sorry I don't know of any shops. Maybe someone else will answer who knows.

daffodil-11 1392838683

Thank you!  I will make my own hummus too, as soon as I invest in a food processor.  Where do you find tahini?

agnes devlin 1392854811

I've found tahini at local health food shops!

agnes devlin 1392854955

I meant to say too that making hummus can be done with the stick blender as long as you add enough lemon juice or you can get one of the small shoppers and do a pretty good job of it, too!

I'm a lover of all things chick pea - grão, garbanzo...I use them in many, many ways.

daffodil-11 1392880445

Thanks for the tip, as I was also planning to buy uma varinha mágica to make soups. 


agnes devlin 1392938032

Happy creating! You have to post and share what you've done. I routinely make falafel...yum! 

daffodil-11 1392979308

You're making me hungry!  When shall I be over?  I'll bring the wine...  :-)

Singher 1393184043

I'm with you daffodil-11! I made a variation of falafel today, my own recipe - chick peas, onion, red pepper all smashed up well with a potato masher. I then added a few freshly cooked potato pieces as I'd made my husband a beef empadão. I mashed it all well again and seasoned with cilantro, curry spice, salt and pepper. It formed very well into patties, but I could have made them into falafel shape. Fried them gently in a little olive oil and they were fantastic. Served with a salad and plain yogurt.

daffodil-11 1393311960

Singher, those chick pea patties sound delicious, thanks for the idea!

IdoSingh 1393372278

This is great - another vegetarian here! I know this isn't about hummus, but has anyone here made lentil cakes? You season the same as you would falafel. I also use a potato smasher to make falafel. Great minds...


Yasmine -Naber-913182 1509272092

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