looking for Louise and Emil Bader

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Hi, i am hoping that this will help me find someone. The people i need to find, are Louise Bader, married to Emil, but due to the age factor, are probably deceased. (they would be in their late 80's or early 90's at a guess). Their last address (14 years ago!) was Praca Julio de Lemos, 162 r/c Dt P-4900 VIANA DO CASTELO. Their daughter is named Tanya, we believe the surname could be More, and she has a son named Dimitri. It is important that I find these people, and I hope that someone here will be able to help me. I have approached the portugese registrar office, but didn't get very far, so want to explore this avenue before i try the embassy here in australia. Any hints and tips gratefully received, if this is not the right place. I realise this is a needle in a haystack approach, but you just never know.ThankyouTinaaustralia


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sorry can't help with this, but hope you get some leads somehow.

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Tina - have you tried contacting the Embassy or consulate connected to their home country?

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I have found out that Louise is no longer alive, so now have to focus my attention on Tanya. I have tried the embassy's, but no luck, but have found english speaking lawyers, so will probably have to go that way.
I am assuming that Tanya is portugese, as I am assuming she was born there. I know my uncle visited there when her son was younger (a very long time ago). I am guessing that tanya would be in her 60's.
Thanks for the replies, apprecaited.

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Hello Tina,

why do you want to get info about Emil and Louise?

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