Some Good News from the Anglican Chaplaincy of Greater Lisbon

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We are delighted to be able to inform you that the 2013 0.5% IRS benefit to the Church, now received, was €4,020.50, almost double the previous two years. This is thanks to all those who are taxpayers in Portugal and completed Anexo H secção 9 on their Modelo 3 IRS tax return. This is the excellent arrangement whereby you can direct 0.5% of your tax assessment to the church, leaving the State with the remaining 99.5%. The important thing is that it costs you nothing to do this – you still pay the same tax. There is no requirement to be a churchgoer or on the Electoral Roll. If you want more information on how to do this, visit the Home page of our website ( and click on “find out how” in the advertisement “Paying IRS in Portugal?”. You will be able to read the instructions and view a worked copy of Anexo H secção 9 with all the crosses and numbers in the correct boxes.  ?The collection held on February 22nd for Christian Aid, Ebola fund was €417.30.  ?The Choral Concert given by the Estoril Community Choir on Saturday, March 21st at St Paul’s raised €292.00.  ?Finally, St Paul’s Church was recently used as the venue for filming an advertisement and the fee received was €1,500.00.    


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