Thank you Note - The British Cemetery, Elvas

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We would like to thank all those who supported the Presentation onthe British Cemetery, Elvas on Wednesday, 12th April at the CascaisCultural Centre, which raised €220. Major General Rui Moura (retired), Vice Chairman of the Friends ofthe British Cemetery, Elvas, opened the presentation by describing how hediscovered the part that Lt Col James Ward Oliver played during the PeninsularWar, when he commanded the 14th Infantry Regiment of the PortugueseArmy in 1809. Mark Crathorne, Vice Chairman of the British Historical Society thenspoke in great detail on the development of the Peninsular War, the strategic importanceof Elvas, and the battle of Albuera and the sieges of Badajoz. His presentationincluded the reasons why the body of Major General Daniel Hoghton was the firstto be buried in the British Cemetery at Elvas in 1811, and how the voluntary association,‘The Friends of the British Cemetery’ was formed 20 years ago, and its work inrestoring the cemetery.  He also spokeabout the Chapel of  São João da Corujeira,adjoining the British Cemetery, which is the oldest chapel in Elvas, which wasbuilt in 1228 by the Knights Hospitaller on the taking of Elvas from the Moors. Special thanks are due to the Cascais Câmara for suggesting the FBCE use the Cascais Cultural Centre and, of course, the Fundação Dom Luís I for hosting the event in the auditorium  and for the excellent support provided by their staff. For more information, see the FBCEwebsite: 


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