Update from The Lisbon Chaplaincy: Fires in the Pedrogão Grande area

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In light of the large forest fire and devastation in the Pedrogão Grande area, we are reaching out to encourage you to support the community efforts in the region.    Close to 1500 fire firefighters and emergency staff have been working around the clock since Saturday to control the wildfire and provide aid to the families of the 62 who lost their lives and the hundreds who have lost their homes in the region.   We have compiled the following list of supply needs and drop off points from the information floating around on social media and in the news.    The need is dire so and every bit helps so thank you in advance for your generosity to the kind and gracious people of Portugal.   For Firemen:  ·         Bandages ·         Biscuits – small packets to snack ·         Burn Cream ·         Compresses ·         Cereal bars or Energy/protein bars ·         Energy drinks ·         Saline ·         Water – small bottles (33cl or 50 cl)   For Displaced Families ** NOT FOOD** ·         Bed sheets and linens (towels, etc.)           Clothes ·         Hygiene products   Drop-off Locations: Bombeiros de Alcabideche – Now at full capacity but are still accepting donations. .  Bombeiros Voluntarios de Sintra, Colares taking from the list and later will be accepting donations for people who have lost everything Bombeiros Voluntarios de Algés  Monetary Contribution: The Portuguese Ministry of Internal Affairs is encouraging monetary donations that would be properly directed according to the needs of the displaced families:   ·         Caixa Geral de Depósitos ("Unidos por Pedrógão" to support the victims) IBAN number PT50 0035 0001 00100000 330 42   Additional list of accounts available in Portugal News http://www.theportugalnews.com/news/bank-account-opened-for-pedrogao-fire-victims-as-minister-asks-country-to-stop-donating-food/42287   For up-to-date information on the wildfire, please visit: National Authority for Civil Protection http://www.prociv.pt/en-us/SITUACAOOPERACIONAL/Pages/default.aspx


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