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Hi - does anyone know where there are beginners yoga classes located near Cascais


agnes devlin 1427675986

I did a search in this site and found many yoga classes for you.  

Check it out: Here's a few more:

Elsie-981590 1427730141

TheresaG you could try 926 735 786.  Marsha takes yoga classes on Saturdays 9-10:30 in Cascais (English + other languages spoken).  More details of costs etc on her website.  If you like Pilates,  Galletti (Veronica) Palomba, runs Cascais outdoor training, she has a FB group and posts training each week.  This is turn up and pay.  I have done her Pilates class and she is great.  She is Italian but speaks perfect EnglIsh.  She also does yoga on the paddle board (!) not progressed to that quite yet!  Good luck.

Verinia 1427731874

Holly is a great yoga teacher. Not sure if she does beginners classes, but you could email here and ask.

TheresaG 1427757723

Now, I am excited! A BIG thank you for the replies - especially Elsie and Verinia. Pilates! Exactly what I'd hoped for but didn't think I'd find.

Very interesting site that Holly has and I will definitely contact her as well.

You two have really made my day perfect. 

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