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We will only be in Lisbon for 3 days before moving on. I love museums and hope some of you can tell me the best ones to see.

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Does only speaking English cause a problem while visiting Lisbon? Vacationing in Lisbon is something we've wanted to do for a while and hope this won't be a holdback for us.

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We've just published a new article about a new association dedicated to "enhance security for holidaymakers; strengthen compliance in Local Lodging operations; and provide a collective voice, representing all of those engaged in the activity of Local Lodging in Portugal".  To read the entire article and visit the NALLE site to read more about them, please head over to: National Association of Local Lodging Establishments

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We've just published a press release from the British Embassy that gives their new numbers and reminds readers about the hours when they take calls. To read all about it, head over to Lisbon Live here: http://blogs.angloinfo.com/lisbon-live/2015/04/30/new-telephone-numbers-for-british-consulates-in-portugal/

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We are very pleased to announce a new Information Page concerning the rules on holiday rentals and reporting to SEF.  Included are some of the more common FAQs we think will be helpful to our readers; step by step instructions and a video (in Portuguese) that may help with this process. Here is Rules on Renting Out Holiday Accomodation in Portugal

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An article keeping us all up to date on TOFFS (The Old Fogies Friendly Society) has just been published on Lisbon Live.  To read where they've been, head over to TOFFS Visit Lisbon Sports Club.

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My question is about charities for children in Lisbon. Would there be a list with the charities published somewhere?

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The recent Annual General Meeting for the BRH saw some changes to key positions. For the entire story, please head over to Lisbon Live here.

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A great new Blog is available on Lisbon Live entitled "A Writer in Portugal" and we are so happy to welcome Sue Roebuck. Sue has authored 2 books; a suspense/romance novel and also a dark fantasy that won the EPIC e-book award 2013. Head over to Lisbon Live and see what Sue has to say about writing your own book: http://blogs.angloinfo.com/a-writer-in-portugal/

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I'm moving from Portugal to Ireland - any suggestions for the cheapest way to move my belongings? Many thanks

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Recently, a Maundy Thirsday service was held  jointly by St. Andrew´s Church, the Lisbon German Evangelical Church, The Greater Lisbon Anglican Chaplaincy. Please take a few minutes to read all about it here: http://blogs.angloinfo.com/lisbon-live/2015/04/04/maundy-thursday-ecumenical-service-at-st-andrews-church/

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Chris Rola of IWP- International Women in Portugal has shared an article about the upcoming race to support women with breast cancer. The race is the biggest race of solidarity in Portugal where participants may walk or run to raise money for APAMCM. To read the ful article, please head over to Lisbon Live here. Corrida Sempre Mulher

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Hi - does anyone know where there are beginners yoga classes located near Cascais

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Hi.  I am having a sort out and want to get rid of lots of Eblush books - fiction / non-fiction. In good condition. As anyone aware of where I can donate these in the Lisbon / Cascais area. I don't really want to just recycle them.  Thanks   Liz

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Next week we see our Locum Chaplain, Fr Robin Lee, and his wife Anita leaving us after a three-month stay. They have made a major contribution to life in our Chaplaincy and enriched our worship in so many ways. Thank you for all you have done and have a safe journey home.  Fr Robin’s replacement is an old friend of the Chaplaincy, having served as Locum Chaplain on a number of occasions since 1990. It will be good to welcome back Fr Robert Ellis and his wife Caroline, who join us in time for Easter.  Fr Robert’s first service will be a Eucharist at St George’s on Maundy Thursday, April 2nd at 12:45.  He explains in his message to us below that he is introducing a family ministry team, namely the “Ellis Brothers”.   “Hello”   This is just a quick “hello” to say I’m looking forward to being with you again as your locum Chaplain, though I didn’t expect to be back quite so quickly! It will be very much the “Ellis Brothers” this time as I arrive on !st April and leave on 10th May when my brother Timothy will arrive to be with you until 24th May. Perhaps a bit about us might be reassuring. We’re both Yorkshire men from Sheffield and we trained for ordination at Kings College London and St Augustine’s College Canterbury. I then went off to be curate at Liverpool Parish Church and Timothy went off to work in “Coronation St Land” in Manchester. Then I started work for the BBC as a Religious Programmes Producer before moving to be Vicar of All Saints Church in Highgate London and after that spent 22 years as the Communications Officer for the Diocese of Lichfield. Eventually the Diocese of Europe beckoned and I was Chaplain of Mallorca for 11 years before I retired in 2011. We presently live in Staffordshire and have three children and two grandchildren . Timothy has taken a much more exalted route and he finished up as Bishop of Grantham in Lincoln Diocese before retiring two years ago…..but I can still boss him around even though he wears a purple shirt as he is my little brother! He supports Sheffield Wednesday FC and has a season ticket so be warned if you are a football fanatic! The first time I was your locum was in 1990 and I helped out for four months between Tony Ashdown going and Ken Robinson arriving. Then helping Michael out for holidays and then back again in 2013 before Nigel arrived. We have enjoyed every visit and I’m sure that will be the case again. Looking forward to meeting you all.   Robert Ellis    

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Recently when visiting the British Anglican Cemetery at St George's Church, Estrela, I noticed a plaque on the wall which looked rather "uncared for"  stating that the first United States Consul, Thomas Barclay, appointed by George Washington, was killed in a duel in Lisbon on 21st January 1793 and buried in the cemetery. Researching in Wikapedia to find out more it says he died of a lung infection and the date is 19th January 1793! I  have emailed the American Embassy in Lisbon but to date have not had an acknowledgement or reply. Maybe one of your readers has some information and I wonder if the Barclay family have ever visited the British Cemetery.  

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A new article has just been published on Cascais Live by Hans Lamers about the most recent Quiz Night. Be sure to have a look and enjoy the many photos of the evening's fun! Quiz Night at Duke's

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Oeiras International School students took first and second place at the National Public Speaking competition run by the English Speaking Union at the British Council on March 15th.  Congratulations to winner Inês Novais, and runner-up Raúl Girbal. Congratulations must go also to  their teacher Allyson Connell and Oeiras International School for the first win by an International school in 2 decades. In a very close decision, the panel of guests has chosen Inês Novais to represent Portugal at the International Public Speaking Competition which will take place in London at the end of May.  Pictures on Lisbon Live at this link: OIS Student Winners

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We are delighted to be able to inform you that the 2013 0.5% IRS benefit to the Church, now received, was €4,020.50, almost double the previous two years. This is thanks to all those who are taxpayers in Portugal and completed Anexo H secção 9 on their Modelo 3 IRS tax return. This is the excellent arrangement whereby you can direct 0.5% of your tax assessment to the church, leaving the State with the remaining 99.5%. The important thing is that it costs you nothing to do this – you still pay the same tax. There is no requirement to be a churchgoer or on the Electoral Roll. If you want more information on how to do this, visit the Home page of our website (http://www.lisbonanglicans.org/) and click on “find out how” in the advertisement “Paying IRS in Portugal?”. You will be able to read the instructions and view a worked copy of Anexo H secção 9 with all the crosses and numbers in the correct boxes.  ?The collection held on February 22nd for Christian Aid, Ebola fund was €417.30.  ?The Choral Concert given by the Estoril Community Choir on Saturday, March 21st at St Paul’s raised €292.00.  ?Finally, St Paul’s Church was recently used as the venue for filming an advertisement and the fee received was €1,500.00.    

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Hello -- I am writing this from the United States.  A very generous Portuguese family in Cascais will be hosting my daughter for an extended weekend in their home.  I would like to arrange to send them a nice gift from a local place in Cascais -- does anyone know of local stores (local florists, gift shops, wine stores, etc) with an internet presence from whom I could order a gift delivered???  Gift suggestions welcome, too.   Thanks much, Char

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