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The Municipal Plan (PDM) drawn up for each municipality is an important document which will governs building and development plans; from strategic infrastructure developments to planning permission for individual properties.  Periodically the PDM is reviewed and updated - process which includes consultation reof heir proposals on 13th February for a period which ends next Thursday on 26th March. Some of the plans have generated heated debate, particularly plans for development around Carcavelos. If you wish to participate and to have your views heard you can find details of how to do so on the website of the Câmara de Cascais at this link: http://www.cm-cascais.pt/sub-area/processo-de-revisao-do-plano-diretor-municipal-0 The same link provides details of the process and links to information on the plans under discussions. ^ Although the pages are in Portuguese the Câmara is inviting people to participate by sending their views to this emaill address: revisaopdm@cm-cascais.pt or by post to Praça 5 de Outubro, 2754-501 Cascais           

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We are so pleased to announce and extend our welcome to Karissa Olson. Karissa joins AngloINFO as a blogger, sharing her experiences, challenges and many joys about the place she now calls home. She has posted 4 articles, all of which talk about the life each and every one of us can relate to as expats, to some degree.  Please be certain to read “Expat Life in Lisbon | Becoming a Local” and do leave comments!  

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A new Blog has just been launched and we hope you will join us extending a big welcome to Kit and Samantha Jennings. The Jennings left their home in Bristol, UK and have created a new life based on a vow they made to each other, "to run an arts centre somewhere warm and sunny". Having had the pleasure of reading their intro and 2 articles, I can assure you Artists Abroad will take you on a warm and interesting journey through their chronicles of life on the Silver Coast. To read their intro, visit here: Kit and Samantha  

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Hi There is an interesting article from our Guest Writer, Anita Lekic, about the venerable old building, the Grand Hotel of Monte Estoril. Fascinating to learn more about the history all around us. Here is a link to go straight to the article:  The Grand Hotel of Monte Estoril - Anita Lekic        

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Chris Rola has provided an update to the IWP Charity Coffee Morning. There was also a very successful and tasty bake sale and money was raised for their charity fund. Visit Lisbon Live to read the details!

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Lisbon Live has just published an article about the Zero Food Waste Movement entitled: The Power of Tenacity : Antonio Costa Pereira and the Zero Desperdício (Zero Food Waste) Movement . Please click on the title to read the full article. It is a definite must read!

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Hello,   i was reading some article about getting married in Portugal which has cleared me few doubts.   My question is regarding one specific issue, i am from Chile, but i live in Slovenia for 8 years, i have a permanent residence but not citizenship.    Me and my fiance (she is a Slovenian citizen), would love to get married in Portugal and i dont know the steps to follow as a non european citizen. Also to know if there is a need of having a legal interpreter at the moment of the civil ceremony? (We both speak fluent English).   And the final question is regarding the fee that has to be payed in the municipality ( ammount )    Thanks in advance   Regards    Daniel

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I am trying to find a tile resotrer in area of Cascais to clean and polish limestone bathroom tiles.   Does anyone know any comapy locally that would be able to help? Thanks

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Where can I learn more about the history and culture of Portugal without having to read a lot of books. I want to bring my 16 yr old neice over this summer and think she would enjoy the exploration alongside me. All suggestions welcome.

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Hi - we're planning to arrive in Lisbon in May and will need to find permanent housing after looking around for a bit. Can those of you in the area, give me an idea about the lows and high cost of rent for a fairly new T2 apartment, close to metro transit? Information about the areas of Cascais, Sintra and up to Torres Vedras would also be welcomed. Many thanks in advance!

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I'll be in Lisbon during June and want to know about temperature extremes. Does Lisbon get very humid and hot during early summer? When renting an apartment should I be concerned about air conidtioning?   Thanks in advance for your answers.

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I feel a bit silly asking this , but do HMG Tax pay interest when you get a rebate ! It's under the PAYE system ,to do with a small pension I cashed in

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Guest writer Selwyn Kennard has written an article about the Club's recent visit to the Centre in Lisbon that is quite interesting. To read the article, use the link to head over to Lisbon Live: RBC Visits EMCDDA

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we are a semi retired, mature christian couple and have recently relocated to central lisbon. we seek fellowship / friendship with local believers with whom we can meet to study, worship and praise our risen Saviour. we look forward to the blessing of meeting you, please call us to chat... 964080134 chris and tanya....His peace be with you. we live in the Peha de Franca / Graca area.

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Hullo,   My wife and I are holidaying in Cascais for 2 months April May this year.  Previously holidaying in France we have been able to buy International phone cards from La Poste giving greatly reduced call costs when phoning home (Thailand).  Are similar cards available in Portugal can someone please tell me?  Also, I guess I will have to replace my Thai SIM card with a Portugese SIM card, and where would I do this?     Many thankyous in anticipation     Geoff.T

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Flying into Lisbon this weekend and need to know if I must arrange transport from the airport or is there public transport available?  

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An important article regarding UK expat voting rights has just been published. To learn all about it and know what to do, please visit: You may be able to vote

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I just bought an older house here and notice a lot of cracks by the ceilings. Some of the paint is peeling and flaking, so I'm sure there's a problem with damp. Any suggestions about whether I should try and repair or hire someone? We don't want to repeat repairs annualy if  possible.

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A wonderfully written and descriptive article has just gone live about the Burns Supper held by St. Andrew's Society of Lisbon. It's a must read, so head over to Lisbon Live here to do so: http://blogs.angloinfo.com/lisbon-live/2015/02/04/st-andrews-society-of-lisbon-burns-night/ 

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can any of you tell me if it's appropriate to give chocolates or flowers to a girlfriend's mum? she's such a kind woman and my gift might be the only gift she receives that day.  

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