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Cascais Town Council has asked us to draw our readers attention to the open sessions they are running to discuss the issues around integration of international communities in the municipality. Of course, we are happy to do so and have published an article about them on our Community platform, Cascais Live which you can find at this link: Are you a foreigner living in Cascais? Come and talk to us about your life in Cascais Don't miss the next round on February 7th.     

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We received this enquiry from a reader in Australia and asked if we could share the answer as the links may be useful to others: We are cycling in Portugal in April / May and are considering sending some of our luggage home at the end of our visit as we will not need it for the rest of our holidays. Could you please advise us the cost to send a total of 18kg in 3 packages 40cm x 30 x 40 , 46cm x 35 x 25 , and 60cm x 40 x 35 to Adelaide South Australia. Thank You   Dear ......  Here is a link to the Post Office website CTT which provides a table of prices to send packages to different parts of the world. http://www.ctt.pt/correio-e-encomendas/enviar-correio/opcoes-de-envio/encomendas.html#panel1-2 Although it is in Portuguese it is actually quite clear. You want International Packages, Zone 4. You mentioned a total weight of 18 kg. So 1 18 kg package would cost €288 and take about 7 days. 3 packages of, say 6 kg each, would cost €125 per package. You can also choose to send by DHL Express Worldwide. Here is a link to their brochure. You want the table on page 8 where 18kg would cost €551,00 http://www.dhl.pt/content/dam/downloads/pt/express/pt/shipping/dhl_express_guia_de_precos_e_servicos 2015_pt_pt.pdf Hope this helps and that you enjoy your cycling trip to Portugal. You will be coming at a great time of the year for it. We have an active Discussions Board where users can post questions and either we or others can help with answers. If you don't mind, we will add this question/answer as it may help others too.    

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To anyone who has the pink and blue plastic Titulo de Residência card, could you please tell me whether the 9 digit number in the upper right corner ends with a number or a letter?  Thanks!

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The British Embassy has shared details and some great photos of the opening of a new Hub in Lisbon that will serve more than 85 British diplomatic missions in 50 countries, spread over six different time zones, extending from Ireland in the west to the border with China in the east.  You'll want to read all about this on Lisbon Live; find it here: Human Resources Regional Hub

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Hans Lamers has written a recap and submitted some photos from the last Quiz night held at Duke's that we know you'll enjoy. Have a look here: January Quiz Night

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I hope someone has a suggestion for an Osteopath. Old injury is kicking up and I will need treatment quickly!

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I'm excited about finding Reese's Peanut Butter candy at Jumbo this weekend. Not often American candy shows up in the supermarket. If you've never tried it, please do! I wonder what other things people get exited about finding from "home"? 

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CP has made an announcement there has been a change to the hours for the Cascais line beginning 18 January. The main changes are on working days between 10:00 and 17:00 and after 20:00.  Check the new times before travelling. For any further details, please visit: http://cp.pt/passageiros/en/train-times/Notices/New-train-times-on-the-Cascais-line  

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Just published is the announcement for Safe Communities Portugal launch in the Lisbon region. Safe Communities is supported by both the Guarda Nacional Republicana (GNR) and Polícia Segurança Publica PSP and enjoys a long history of cooperation in the Algarve region, now expanding to additional areas of Portugal. Please take a few minutes to read the article and leave any comments here, or on Lisbon Live. Please visit Safe Communities Portugal for the article.

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"According to local press reporting, incidents of pick-pocketing have reportedly risen 40% in Portugal’s large urban areas in 2014", writes Tanya Sears, US Regional Security. She has shared some very valuable information and tips about personal security in an article just published on Lisbon Live. To have a look, please visit: Pick-Pocketing

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hello and a happy new year to all.  We are spending 12 days in Lisbon wef next week - a wee winter break! Any local knowledge/tips for us (in our 70s) and using public transport would be most welcome. Our first time in Lisbon, and we are looking forward to it.   Thank you for any info you can suggest.   David

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My birthday is aproaching and I'm told that the birthday person gets their own cake and invites peole over to celebrate. Aside from cake and mabye some bubbly, what else should I serve if it's before the dinner hour?

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This week we see a change of Locum Chaplains. Fr Michael Bullock is returning to the UK after having been with us over the Christmas period. It has been a somewhat nostalgic time, with a re-run of services from years past, particularly the Midnight Mass. Thank you Fr Michael, it was good. Our warmest wishes go with you.  We welcome Fr Robin Lee and his wife Anita for a three-month stay in Lisbon. One of the benefits of having Locum Chaplains is the wealth of experience they bring with them, often gained in diverse situations and “exotic” locations. Fr Robin is a good example of this, as you will see when you read his message to us (see below):  Greetings.  My wife Anita and I very much look forward to being with you when I come to be your Locum priest from January 8th until the end of March.  I am originally from Northern Ireland, Anita is Scottish and our home is in Edinburgh. I met Anita in Israel when I was a student at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. At that time Anita was a teacher at Tabeetha International School, a Church of Scotland School in Jaffa, Tel Aviv. I was ordained thirty seven years ago within the Church of Ireland and after serving two curacies and being several years parish rector in East Belfast, our love of the Middle East drew us back there. We moved in 1987 to Cairo, Egypt where I served as Chaplain at All Saints Cathedral which was at that time in the process of being constructed. So beyond the normal work of a priest and pastor, we were there to help prepare for the dedication and opening of the new Cathedral, a house of prayer for all nations. We were also very much involved in the church’s ministry amongst the many Ethiopian, Somali and Sudanese refugees.   We raised our two sons Peter and Timothy in Cairo and in 1997 we relocated to Peebles in the Scottish Borders where I served as Rector and parish priest of both St Peter’s Peebles and St Andrew’s Innerleithen. Since retirement in 2011, I have acted as locum in St Andrews Church, Suffolk, Virginia, USA and at St James, Oporto. For the past 22 months, we have served the Church in the Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf, within the chaplaincy of Abu Dhabi UAE, at the Church of St Thomas’ in the city of Al Ain which is two hours inland from Abu Dhabi and Dubai. St Thomas is a completely new international church community that is growing and developing there.  Throughout our lives and ministry it has been a real privilege to be part of so many interesting and diverse congregations and we are so looking forward to meeting you all soon.  Yours in Christ,  Robin and Anita Lee. For further information about Anglican Chuirches serving Greater Lisbon Chaplaincy please visit the website here: http://www.lisbonanglicans.org/    

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On the last day of 2014 the President of Portugal signed into law the new Income Tax (IRS) rules for 2015 and, at the same time, changes to the Green Tax legislation (Fiscalidade Verde). Among others measures a new tax will make us pay 10 cents (8 cents plus VAT) for each light plastic shopping bag from February 15th. Although the new rules are effective from 1st January 2015 the Environment Ministry (Ministério do Ambiente, Ordenamento do Território e Energia) has said that the directive applying the taxation provides a 30 day transitional period “to allow for adaptation to the new rules by the whole chain of production, distribution and marketing of plastic bags, as well as the marketing of' stocks' and raw materials - in line with requests from the industry”. In addition to creating a tax on plastic bags, the changes to Green Tax rules have introduced a carbon tax which has already had an impact by increasing the cost of fuel and energy from the start of the year. By increasing taxation on pollution and degradation of natural resources the government is expecting to be able to lighten the burden of tax elsewhere.  It is expected to raise 150 million euros in tax revenue which will be applied directly to a reduction in IRS. 

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one of our chairs needs repair. One of the wooden legs has broken. Where can I find a repair person?

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Very helpful information!!!  Have just seen this on the Algarve AngloInfo site and want to share it: http://algarve.angloinfo.com/forum/viewtopic/12797/0/nuisance-phone-calls You don't need to be a member fo the Algarve site to read it.

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Saw this a bit late for Christmas but want to share here: http://www.cm-lisboa.pt/en/news/detail/article/estacionamentos-gratuitos-no-natal  Free paking until 3 January,The Municipal Parking Company of Lisboa (EMEL),  In the street from Monday to Friday, from 6pm, and Saturdays between 9am and 1pm; in EMEL parks between 6pm and 8pm on weekdays and from 10am to 12pm on Saturdays.  They give their locations here: http://www.emel.pt/pt/parques/

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Is there a shop where I can buy high thread count sheets and duvets? I've shopped the local Ikea but haven´t found the right things. Help?

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We're looking for the tallest place in town to take some special photos. Would you all be so kind as to make suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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To all my new friends here I hope your Christmas is still going and that it was great!  

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