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As we enter into the remaining days of 2014, we want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and fulfilled New Year in 2015. Looking back through 2014, AngloINFO rolled out new and interesting changes to the site and how our members can access our resources. We are proud to say that the New Year will bring dynamic, new enhancements and changes to our site. So, keep a watch here for more features and some surprises - share our excitement!  Wishing all of you our very best!   

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Would anyone be interested in house sitting for approximately three weeks from 18/12/2014?  It would entail feeding two horses mornig and evening, no riding as they are elderly/retired.  The cottage is fully equipped and beautifully situated by the Baragem about 100 hundred miles north of Lisbon.  I know that it is short notice, but have been let down by clients of Trusted House Sitters.

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Hans Lamers has sent in a great article recapping the night along with photos of the participants. Visit Cascais Live right here to have a look. The next Quiz Night is January 25 and we do hope you'll save the date to go along and have some fun whilst helping a charity.

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  Some Tips from Tanya Sears, US Regional Security   With the holidays quickly approaching it is a good time to review personal security practices.  It is common knowledge that criminals often view increased commercial traffic during the holiday season – particularly in tourist areas – as an opportunity to commit petty theft and other related crimes of opportunity (pick-pocketing, smash and grab etc.). As such, people should be cognizant of the following: Be sure to secure all windows and doors, and make use of any additional security features available such as external window shades, shutters or rollaway grilling. Inspect your residential lighting to ensure all is functioning properly; check the batteries in your smoke detectors. Become familiar with your neighborhood and aware enough to quickly recognize and report anything suspicious or out of place. Do not allow unknown or unexpected guests into your home without first considering the validity of their visit and their possible intentions. Keep emergency contact information in a common space and ensure all family members are aware of how to reach local first responders. Talk to your family about good residential security practices and what suspicious activity to look for (unknown persons loitering nearby, etc.). Have an idea of what actions you would take to quickly evacuate your residence during an emergency situation, such as a fire. Secure your residence as best you can before departing for any extended period of time. Provide a trusted friend with your itinerary whenever traveling for extended periods of time away from home and a key to check on your house if needed. Stop paper deliveries or other deliveries that show outsiders you are not home. Keep alert in highly congested public areas and when using public transportation. Criminals, sometimes working in groups, often target unsuspecting persons in these areas. Make an effort to travel in groups or let others know where you are going and when to expect you. Limit carrying unnecessary money, valuables or personal affects if it can be avoided (large bags with many contents, passports, large sums of money, multiple credit cards, etc.). Do not leave valuable items unsecured inside of vehicles within plain view; always secure such items in the trunk or within internal locked storage compartments (backpacks, suitcase, tablet PCs, MP3 players, cameras, GPS, etc.). Avoid isolated or dimly lit areas of the city at night (i.e. parks, etc.). Always keep at least one form of photo identification on you at all times.

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Does anyone have suggestions for somewhere reasonably priced for Portuguese lessons?Thank you.

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Lisbon Live has posted a wonderful article describing the 80th Anniversary Ball held on November 29. To read the article, please visit: St. Andrew's Society Lisbon

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we will bring our children when visiting Buddha Eden and want to whether they will be welcome and comfortable?

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My lap top computer has failed and is now 'unsupported' so I need to dispose of it. Where can I do this responsibly?

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where are some places I can find souvenirs that are made here in the country?

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I've only been in Lisbon for a few days and now realised that I didn't bring enough of one of my medicines. It's one I take daily, but somehow miscounted before I left home. Is there a possibility I can get it filled here?  I don't speak any Portuguese and am worried about going to a pharmacy.

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Anyone know of a reasonably priced tailor/alterations place in the Estoril/Cascais area? I could really use my old Barbour jacket in this rain but need the sleeves shortened..  Thank you!

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Hi everyone if any body is coming to south africa for the whale watching or for visit  we have a place at Pezula golf estate inknysna cape town its a 3 bedroom with everything in let me know only to rent  thank you leann 

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I'm going to have a small surprise party for my wife and need all he fancy stuff that makes it look good. I know there must be shops, but I have no idea where to begin. Someone suggested Chinese shops - what do  you all think?

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Just seen that there is a strike warning for Monday 24 November.  CP have published a minimum service level which the unions are obliged to support.  Check out http://www.cp.pt/passageiros/pt for further updates.

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In need of a company to move household goods from Sintra to Gois. Some large handcrafted wood items and a small piano are included with our other items.

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I'm hopeful for some new gift suggestions for friends this year and thought about some of the many honey liqours made here. Has anyone experience with these?

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Lovely service today and I,m so glad we stayed in Lisbon for it. St. George's has such a caring community and leadership that we look forward to every time we're here.

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Yesterday, I went to see a neighbour who lives 2 floors above me about something. I rang their doorbell, waited for them to look through the peephole to see me and expected the door to open. Seriously, they must have turned keys at least 4 times - like a bank vault - before the door opened. They have 2 locks on their door - the one that came with the door, that when the door closes, the door is locked, but you can also turn the key so that some bolts enter spaces at various intervals. The 2nd lock, is quite impressive with bolts that extend inches into the frame and the key so long that it's made to close in on itself when not in use.  Why is this a country of people with the need to install extra security locks and as soon as they enter their home, "batten down the hatches"? I feel safe here - only have the 1 lock on my door and hardly use the key to lock more.   

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A fantastic piece of history has just been posted on Lisbon Live. The article takes you through a family's history ending with one member finally receiving a well deserved medal. Read all about it here: WWII Medal    

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Just received from the U. S. Embassy in Lisbon, A message we are passing along to all of our readers: Security Message for U.S. Citizens  United States Embassy Lisbon, Portugal Security Message for U.S. Citizens:  Outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease in Vila Franca de Xira  The U.S. Embassy in Lisbon informs all U.S. citizens of an outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease in Vila Franca de Xira, specifically in the parishes of Vialonga, Povoa de Santa Iria, and Forte de Casa.  According to the Portuguese Ministry of Health there are 233 confirmed cases of the disease and five deaths.  The Portuguese Ministry of Health recommends that people in the affected areas: avoid showers, hot tubs, and whirlpools.  soak shower heads weekly for 30 minutes in a bleach solution. set water heaters for at least 75 degrees Celsius.   Health authorities have initiated the cleaning and disinfecting of water reservoirs in the affected areas and are collecting water samples in order to identify the source.  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) warns people are at risk of contracting Legionnaires' disease when they inhale a mist or vapor (small droplets of water in the air) containing the bacteria. One example might be from breathing in droplets sprayed from a hot tub that has not been properly cleaned and disinfected. The bacteria are not spread from person to person. The vast majority of healthy people exposed to the bacteria do not become ill. Those with underlying lung disease, especially smokers, are at greater risk. If you have reason to believe you were exposed to the bacteria and have developed cough and fever, contact to your doctor or local health department. For more information on Legionnaire’s disease please visit the CDC’s webpage: http://www.cdc.gov/legionella/index.html U.S. citizens are encouraged to monitor the news and internet for updates and follow the recommendations of Portuguese health authorities.

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