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A fantastic report and photos by Hans Lamers has just been published about the recent trip by RBC members and guests to Buddha Eden Garden and Quinta do Sanguinhal. The report gives wonderful history about Buddha Eden and some of the special sections of the Garden. Head over to Lisbon Live for the article and photos to learn more: Royal British Club Visit to Buddha Eden and Quinta do Sanguinhal

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I'm flying from LIS to another EU airport.  Can I shop at Duty Free at the Lisboa airport and bring the bag on the plane?  Thanks.

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A new article by Hans Lamers has just been published with a review of the season's last quiz night before summer. Head over to Cascais Live to read all about it: http://blogs.angloinfo.com/cascais-live/2016/07/01/cascais-pub-quiz-26-june/

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I'm having a terrible time with flies in my kitchen. I see houses with bags of water hanging around windows and doors but I'd like to have something a little more proven so I can keep my door and windows to the garden open. I have not had luck with those stickers you place on windows with flower decoration.Any suggestions? 

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Did you know that 73% will vote to stay in the EU? Find out more about the numbers and what's behind the vote right here: Do we stay or do we go

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Has anyone relocated from France to Portugal?  We are currently living in the south of France and thinking of relocating to a city in Portugal (not sure where yet). If anyone has experience with both countries I would appreciate your comments on the + and - of each.

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A must read article has just been published on Lisbon Live that is immensely interesting.  It's the story behind a monument recently erected in Estoril to honor 3 Polish gentlemen. Head over to Lisbon Live to read the article now!

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We weren't aware that today was some kind of holiday in Portugal and found ourselves standing in front of the closed doors of the Freguesia where we live. Can anyone tell us where we can find a holiday list so we can be better prepared?

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Hans Lamers has kindly sent in another review of the latest Quiz Night with details about proceeds from the event along with some photos of the night. Have a read here: May Pub Night

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A new article is now available with numerous resources about the upcoming referendum and voting or voter registration. If you are a British Ex-pat or know someone who is, please share this important information with them.The article can be seen here: UK Electoral Commission

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The survey results are in! Head over to Lisbon Live to read all about it: Survey Results

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It is with great sadness that we must report that Patricia Westheimer has passed away. To many of us this will seem very sudden but Patricia has been ill for some time. She bore her illness with great strength and maintained her enthusiasm to the end. A journalist, author and teacher, Pat was loved and respected by many people from all walks of life, ages, and across different religions and cultures, while remaining a pillar of her own community. She will be greatly missed and our sincere condolences go to her loved ones at this difficult time. For those who wish to, and are able to attend, a service will be held tomorrow at the:Cemitério Israelita Principal in LisbonAv. Afonso III No 441900-041 Lisboa(Near the Cemetery at Alto São João)Time: 13:00It will be a service of the Jewish faith so dark clothes and no flowers would be appropriate.

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A very interesting article has just been published on Lisbon Live. Take a few minutes to read about some fascinating family history: Maj William Nicholas Bull and Mrs. Caroline Bull.

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You have to check out the new article on Cascais Live! It tells how you can become a producer of two shows to be held on 7 and 8 June, during the “Semana do Município” and be entered into a great challenge, too. Head over to Cascais Live now: Songs of Our Lives

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Take the survey and give your opinion about the upcoming UK EU referendum on June 23. The survey is anonymous and results will be published shortly. Here's the link: Brexit Survey

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The ExpatSurvey polled 27,000 English-speakers living abroad on a range of onlineservices. Angloinfo came second in the Best Newsletter category! We're not toosad to be beaten by The Telegraph (let's face it, they do great work) but we'realways looking for ways to improve. So, what would you like to see in ournewsletters? More local events? More international news? Drop us a line at editorial@angloinfo.comto be part of our news room. 

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HiWe received this from one of our members about a recent experience that he had with automobile association, ACP, (Automóvel Clube de Portugal) . We asked permission to post his comments about thei excellent service received as other members would probably also be interested to know about one of the strengths of ACP."A family celebration in Malta led to the idea of driving toMadrid and flying direct.  The trip outwent to plan, but the trip home brought problems that needed a sympathetic earand prime logistical facilities.  These Ifound at the Automóvel Club de Portugal or ACP as it is commonly known. When I moved to Portugal 6 years ago I joined the ACP as amatter of course having been a long-standing member of the AA in the UK.  Fortunately, I was never a regular user ofthe AA breakdown service but on occasion I was caught out and whilst generallycontent with the service I received, I must admit that the ACP service was‘Rolls Royce’. It was late afternoon on Tuesday, 3rd May when mywife and I were just north of Merida, about 60Kms from the border with Portugal.The temperature was in the 30’s, when the car decided it would go nofurther.  Clearly, I needed help and so Icontacted the ACP who agreed to send a recovery vehicle to collect us, althoughthere would be a delay due to another operation.   Once the recovery vehicle arrived and the carwas loaded we headed for Elvas, just over the Portuguese border.  Waiting for us in the yard was a Mercedes carcomplete with driver and assistant ready to take us home to Cascais, about 2½hours away.  The driver needed hisassistant to ensure he could stay awake and the two of them kept up a dialoguein Spanish for the whole of the journey.  The annoyance and frustration of the breakdown gradually receded as Ifell asleep for the majority of the journey.  The car was then delivered to the garage of my choice within 36 hoursand I hope will be quickly restored to full operational condition. My wife and I were both very impressed with the ACP serviceand felt it was worth letting others know how efficient it all was. " 

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A new article has just been published on Lisbon Live for British nationals who live overseas. Details are given for persons eligible to vote at UK elections and referendums, about how to register online to vote. Read the article here: http://blogs.angloinfo.com/lisbon-live/2016/05/03/british-overseas-voters-reminder-to-register-by-may-16-2016/

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Recently, members of IWP and associate members participated in a lovely walk through Cascais and learned about many species of trees at the location. The walk was led by IWP associate member Mark Reynolds and was enjoyed by all.Donations from the walk will benefit dogs at the shelter O Cantinho da Milu. For the full article and photos, please visit Cascais Live here:  http://blogs.angloinfo.com/cascais-live/2016/05/02/iwp-cascais-tree-walk/

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