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A great review of the evening's event and photos can now be seen here:  http://blogs.angloinfo.com/cascais-live/2016/04/25/cascais-pub-quiz-sunday-24th-of-april-review/

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Does anyone know where epsom salt is sold in Lisboa?  A big bag, used for baths, etc?  Thanks!

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Be aware that there is a professional scam/con artist working in Europe that preys on Ex-Pats At the moment we believe he is Portugal Up to now he has conned five separate households that we know of and used four different names and he even has passport in the name that he is using at the time.  He speaks with an Australian accent, is about 6 feet tall, fairly thin, has a gaunt looking face and in his mid fifties. He usually offers to do building or mechanical work for you in return for board and lodgings but if you meet him in a bar or restaurant he may give you a sob story about living apart from his partner and daughter and ask you for money His usual routine is to say that he was robbed/mugged yesterday usually in a big city. This is the reason why he has no papers, no money and no credit cards and whilst he was driving today he was stopped by the Police and given a 90€ fine for using his phone whilst driving. He then asks you to buy him some cigarettes,  get him a top up for his two mobile phones and some special headache tablets The next move is to ask you to collect some money for him that is being sent via Western Union and as he has no papers can he receive it in your name. As you can prove who you are, you will be able to collect this money with no problem. This action together with  the attention to detail that he achieves plus the large amount of information you are told or snippets of telephone conversations that you overhear are such so that his stories though sometimes way out is actually believable Last Monday at 12.5 this man was the subject of a special programme on BBC Radio 4 You and Yours We have now got an authority to start to take action against this man but more information is needed before any positive action can really taken so please let us know if you see this man or are aware of anybody who has been scammed by him A photograph of him and more information is available upon request

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Hi thereDoes anyone know where I can get an engineer to look at my Treadmill, I have no idea who to approach. Many thanks

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Welcome everybody to the new look Angloinfo website! There are many, many exciting changes -  new features and a new look all of which we hope you will enjoy. We still have all of the previous important areas, Directory, Events, trustworthy Information (How To) and our Discussions and Classified sections, Community Blogs and Newsletters.Please do look around and familiarize yourself with the new Angloinfo. Above all, it has never been easier to comment, or to add content and contribute to our local community. We welcome your views on all topics.Best RegardsAngloinfo Lisbon Live Team   

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A recent delivery of well appreciated powdered baby milk to Casa da Sopa, Berçária in Matarraque by IWP member Chris Rola was made. Casa da Sopa – Berçária, one of IWP’s current designated charities, supports the very young in and around the greater Cascais municipal area. Find out more by heading over to Cascais Live here: IWP charity donation to Casa da Sopa- Berçária in Matarraque    

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Recently members of International Women in Portugal (IWP) toured the Museum and have written an article about the day. The Museum houses several centuries of artifacts including three Etruscan tombs and many other interesting items. To read about the visit, please head over to Lisbon Live by using this link: IWP Museum Visit

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There is a new article by David Thomas, Safe Communities Portugal just published on Cascais Live recapping a recent event discussing Cybercrime and steps being taken by numerous individuals and groups to combat it.   Please head over to Cascais Live to find out more about this very important topic.

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The St. Andrew's Society of Lisbon has kindly shared an article about the latest Burns Night Supper celebration. To read all about it, please visit: Burns Supper Recap

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An email from the Lisbon Chaplaincy was receievd this morning with the following message and we are pleased to share it with our readers: Our present Locum Chaplain, Canon Michael Bullock, will be leaving us soon after "minding shop" over Christmas and the New Year. Father Michale, thank you and have a safe journey back to the UK. His replacement is Canon Keith Hugo, an experienced Locum Chaplain, who will delight us all by the fact that he has agreed to stay until the end of May! Fr. Keith has sent us an introductory message about himself; for the inftroduction, please click here: Father Keith Intro.

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Hi, I am coming to Lisbon by car next week (Thurs/Fri) to visit friends and want to leave my car somewhere safe on the outskirts of the city and travel in by public transport, preferably metro. Does anyone have any suggestions please? I have looked for a park and ride, but it doesn't seem to exist. I'll want to leave it for just over 24hrs. Doesn't have to be free as long as the car is safe, just reasonably priced. Thanks!

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Another thouroughly enjoyable and successful Pub Quiz Night has come and gone, with a recap and photos being published to Cascais Live. There's also news about an upcoming book signing included in the night's recap. Have a look here: Bumper Quiz Night

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Americans in Portugal has sent out an email with an obituary that we are passing on for them, to our readers. It reads,   "The American and International communities grieve the loss on January 28 of our dear friend and counselor to so many of us who sought his help, Gilbert Wells.  In accordance with his wishes, he will be cremated on Saturday, January 30 at 12 noon at Alto Sao Joao Cemetery in Lisbon. Mass will be at 11 am. The coffin will be in the chapel at 10 am.  He was a just and honorable man, who put his legal skills at the service of the poor and needy both in the US and in Portugal.  We extend our deepest condolences to his beloved wife, Justina Wells and to his family."

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A very useful article for UK expats wanting to know if they will be able to vote in the referendum. The article by Alex Robertson, Director of Communications, begins:  Lots of UK nationals who live overseas don’t know that they may be able to take part in the referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union. The referendum is due to take place by 31 December 2017, and with the date of the referendum as yet unknown we’re wasting no time in making sure that as many overseas UK nationals as possible know that they may be able to vote in the poll. For the full article, please visit: UK Electoral Commission

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AmP has just announced new officers for the organisation and we extend our congratulations and best wishes as Americans in Portugal continues. Gina LeMasters - Director Tulia Dias - Treasurer AmP Committee Fátima AireyArt Correia, graphic design/reservations managerJohn GaleJeff GoldRaizel Rosenfeld, Chabad PortugalJay Ross, founding member AmPMarsha TurnerPat Westheimer, founding member AmP, advisor  To read more about the officers, please visit: http://www.americansinportugal.org/news/show/10

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A new article detailing how the IWP (International Women in Portugal) chose to commemorate the group's 25 years has just been published. It will come as no surprise that the members were invloved in enhancing a very important part of Cascais - Dunas da Cresmina. Read all about the days' events here: International Women in Portugal Commemorate 25 Years by Protecting the Dunes

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Hello, I relocated to Lisbon during November 2015 and have been trying to get my children aged 6 and 12 into a local school, I have been asked by the school to get the school reports translated from English to Portuguese.  Can you please tell me where the correct place would be to get this completed, is it the British Consulate in Lisbon? Also how much will this cost.   Regarding the school reports can you please provide further guidance on what is required (would a standard report from the school be sufficient)? Also what documents will I need to bring to the office?  I have been to the town council and they have provided a certificate stating who I am. However, I have also tried to get a NIF (Tax Number) and they have said I need another document of identity from Loja do Cidadão das Laranjeiras. Thank you and kind regards.

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Hi - My name is Christine.  My husband and I currently live in the Dordogne, France but we are thinking of selling up and move to Portugal - however we don't know where to move to.  Our priorities have changed since moving to france - we wanted to learn Frence, intergrate into the local community, and not gravitate towards the Brits/Expats, and to a point we have done that.  We live with a lot of French people around us and we do do our best to communicate with them and indeed have good friends in our neighbours, but this time we are a little more realistic.  We would want to intergrate, learn Portugese - but would like to move where there are expats and speak our native tongue also...  So my question is this - we are looking at the areas around Tomar and The Silver Coast...  do you think they are suitable and are there many groups of expats living there??  Cheers Christine

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Does anyone know the dates of the summer festas in Malveira da Serra? I know they are sometime in August but not sure of the exact dates?   

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In the New Year's honours list for 2016 Her Majesty the Queen has awarded David Thomas, President of Safe Communities Portugal, the British Empire Medal (the BEM, known formally as the British Empire Medal for Meritorious Service) in recognition of his “services to crime prevention and awareness within the British and international community in Portugal”.   We would like to add AngloINFO’s congratulations to the many others David will certainly be receiving on this important and well-deserved recognition for all his dedication and hard work.   Please click here for further details: algarve-resident-honoured-by-the-queen

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