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I'm now living in Portugal but wondering about how I will receive the UK fuel allowance. Can someone advise how this is accomplished?

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We were sent a notice from the Greater Lisbon Chaplaincy this morning that we are sharing with our readers. "Chris Judd, a long standing member of St. Paul's and a kind, gentle man, much loved by all who knew him, died peacefully in the UK after a short illness. Our condolances go to this children and all the family." The original notice may be found here: GLC Notice

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The Portuguese government has produced an interesting promotional video called "Lisbon Welcoming Talents through the Invest Lisboa intiative. It shows some lovely scenes of the city and explains why people choose to live and work in Lisbon. Click here to view it

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The IWP recently experienced an amazing day trip to Buddha Eden and Obidos. From mesmerising sites, to scumptious food and finally shopping at Vila Natal, the day was a huge success! Caroline Will has written an article that shares the splendid time had by all. Read all about it on Lisbon Live: IWP Buddha Eden Visit      

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A very special Christmas Pub Quiz was just held where money was again raised for charity and a great evening of fun was had by all attending. The recap and photos can be see on Cascais Live here:  Fun at the Quiz!  

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An article by Safe Communities Portugal outlining protocols newly agreed upon between SCP and the ANPC and SEF has just been published. You may remember that in January this year, SCP signed a national Protocol with the GNR as well as a protocol covering the Lisbon Metropolitan area with the PSP. Please don't miss reading this article here on Algarve Live: Safe Communities Portugal

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A new state-of-the-art medical clinic has opened in Cascais and is part of a realised dream of Dr. Olivio Dias, dental practitioner who also additional has medical clinics in Lisbon. Cascais Live has all the details including the types of services provided. Read all about it here: Birre Medical Clinic

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Lisbon Live has a new article kindly shared by Rosemary Adams of Lisbon's St. Andrew's Society. It was a very special evening at this year's annual Ball and you can read all about it here: St. Andrew's Society Ball Recap

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A new article published about IWP's visit to CERCICA is available to read. This is a great article explaining what the organisation offers to those in need of special training. Please head over to Lisbon Live to read the article and see some great photos: IWP CERCICA Visit

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We recently published a series of 'Letters from Lesbos' on Lisbon Live which were written by Anita Lekic. Anita was in Lesbos volunteering with Doctors of the World at a reception camp. What she saw goes beyond anything that words can describe - although she did provide an excellent insight in the letters she sent to us here: http://blogs.angloinfo.com/lisbon-live/category/anita-lekic/letters-from-lesbos/ Anita has launched a crowdfunding project to buy the winter supplies that are so urgently needed, including tents, sleeping bags, emergency heat retaining blankets, rainwear, etc. for the refugees. Given the desperate need of the thousands of refugees arriving on the hardest hit island of Lesbos, many small NGOs and private individuals have jumped in to fill the gaps that major aid agencies are unable to fill. If you can help in any way please click on this link to find out more about the project and how to donate:https://www.generosity.com/emergencies-fundraising/there-is-no-greater-gift-than-kindness/x/12655808

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Cyber Monday Shopping Scams Black Friday and Cyber Monday are consumer shopping events offering deals, bargains, and coupons. Cyber Monday occurs the Monday after the American Thanksgiving holiday, and has become “one of the biggest online shopping days of the year.” Consumers are expected to spend $105 billion in online shopping this year, and while Cyber Monday offers convenience, it is also a prime opportunity for malicious actors to commit cybercrimes including installing malware, stealing financial or credit card information, committing identity theft, and obtaining passwords, data, or other sensitive information. On Cyber Monday, follow these tips to protect yourself:   Type in retail website URLs directly,rather than clicking on advertisements Shop on reputable websites and use encrypted, secure HTTPS sites if entering credit card information Password protect all online retail acounts. Do not store credit card information on these sites. Use creit cards rather than debit cards to protect your accounts and to limit liability for potential fraudulent activity. Avoid spam or phising emails with "too good to be true" deals or offers. Be careful when shopping with mobile devices. Use reputable apps and avoid entering sensitive or financial information when using public Wi-Fi hotspots. Update antivirus software on home computers

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Hans Lamers has shared with us an article and photos from the latest Quiz Night at Dukes in Cascais. A nice sum was raised for the IWP charity and everyone had a splendid time. For the full recap, please visit: Cascais Pub Quiz Night

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Hello all, I was wondering if there is any such thing as car sharing here? I have to get from Cascais centre to Trindade Metro 3 days a week for work and it take me too long on the train. Would appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks.

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Check out the new article on Lisbon Live to learn about a new 47 room hotel with astonishing views of Lisbon’s Old Town and the São Jorge Castle. French group 9HOTEL COLLECTION recently announced the opening of its first hotel in Lisbon sitting right in the heart of Lisbon’s historic centre. To read about this fabulous new hotel, please visit Lisbon Live here: 9HOTEL MERCY     

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A wonderful article by Jackie Kennard has been published on Lisbon Live, entitled "Remembrance Ceremony – Cemitério dos Ingleses, Elvas, Portugal".  It was again a very special day as a group gathered to commemorate those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for other's freedom and for the cause of peace. As The Venerable William Noblett, CBE said so well, "To honour their sacrifice, is to live life to the full, it is to set standards and work for a better world." For the full article and photos by Sarah and Robin King, please visit Lisbon Live with this link: Rememberance Ceremony

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A new article by Sue Willdig of The Telheiras Scottish Country Dance Group has just been published with a twofold message. Highlights about what the group does and where they've held events (some very interesting places, to be sure) and an invitation to this Sunday's event.  For information about the group, details and directions to Sunday's event, please visit: Is dancing the answer

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Will International Women in Portugal accept someone who is here temporarily for 1 year?

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Hi everyone - is there a particular website where upcoming strikes are listed?

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A very nice article has just been published about Casa da Sopa Berçária in Matarraque, that now has a selection of babies’ essentials donated by IWP. The range of articles donated is impressive and will benefit many children. Please use the link to read the entire article and see the photos: IWP Member Visits Casa da Sopa Berçária

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A very nice review and photos of the latest quiz night have just been posted on Cascais Live. Regardless if you haven't yet been to a pub quiz night or you're a regular, you'll appreciate the recap and plans for upcoming quiz nights. Read all about it here: October Quiz Night

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