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Hi, I need to print business cards and would like to know if there's a printing shop with accessible prices? Iman Kan

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Hi there, can someone recommend a reputable property inspection trip company for Portugal? Thanks.charlie

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Which budget airlines fly out of Lisbon, to the UK.

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I heard about someone whos hard drive totaly broke down, so they lost everything on it. It has made me think because when i bought my PC there were no discs provided. Is it possible to do a complete copy of your hard drive, which would include the operating system? in case of a hard drive breakdown.

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Hi This is my first post and I sure have lots of questions! We at present live in France and are 69 years of age. We know nothing about Portugal whatsoever but have been told it's a very friendly country in which to live. I know we need to come and see for ourselves but where do we start. We would prefer to buy a small 2 bed house not in the city but out a bit as we're not townies. However, because of our age we would need to be near medical facilities so where do we begin? We also do not want a ruin! Algarve from what I see on the net appears to be mostly appartments which is not for us. We have a collie dog who enjoys country walks. So do we come to that! We would be looking to spend around 180,000 euros. Which areas from the scant information I've given can anyone suggest we begin our search.Can anyone recommend a good website please? Are the estate agents fees very high as they are in France. e.g. !75,000 euros 10,000 agents and 9,000 notaire. suks

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Hi, anyone know of deserted sandy beaches close to Lisbon? KandyM

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What is the best Portuguese olive oil makes, and please send more info on virgin oil? Martha

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I visited Lisbon last month and loved it. I also found THE MOST comfortable shoes in the world and bought two pairs. Now I wish I'd found out whether I can order more via the internet. Do you think the shoes bear any brand name? Do they heck as like. This is what I can tell you: they are court shoes in woven leather, and come in black and beige. They come as closed court or sling back styles. I bought them in the shoe shop next to the Hotel Mundial. The shoe box bore a photograph of a nurse with stethoscope ( so perhaps I'll be able to save lives while I wear them ) but the idea is that they're so comfy you can run up and down a hospital ward and still look gorgeous and callous-free. Does anyone know the shoes I'm talking about, and could you tell me how I could order more???Thank you so much!

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Any information on the cable cars in Lisbon please, sounds like fun for a bit of sightseeing.

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My name is William Evans I will be studying in Lisbon for a couple months this summer. I would like to rent a flat in the city centre and find a job but I have no experience of the city's districts. I will be studying at Praça Luís de Camões, 22, 2º Dtº. 1200-243 Lisboa. Therefore, I would prefer to live close to this destination. I understand that this is the old town? Is this area a good one to look for basic acommodation? Is there another part of the city which is more suitable? Also, I am a student in England and to pay my way in Lisbon I will need a casual job. This is my first trip to portugal. Will I need any special documentation in order to work in a bar or cafe? Thank you for your time and help. Will

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Looking for a flight Birmingham to Lisbon, any recommendations who with and which is normally best value.

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Hi, I would like to thank you for your web portal and services. I am looking for a chap from the Lisbon area who lives/lived in London, UK and is a car dealer. He's name is Victor Sério. He's in his 50's, of Portuguese nationality. I know that it is like looking for a needle in a haystack but you never know...stbl

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Do the old trams still run in Lisbon are are they all the new modern ones?

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Hi I was just wondering, are there any other expat websites for the Lisbon area? Here in Geneva we have the Angloinfo as well as an excellent site for member events, local information etc. Ellen

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I have relatives visiting soon and they love walking, are there any guided walk itineraries in Lisbon.

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How far in miles and time by road is the Fatima Sanctuary from Lisbon? stbl

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At midday on Sunday July 1st 2007 OHNP asking everybody who is concerned about the effects of climate change to turn off everything that is non-vital for 1 hour. Computers, TVs, Cars, lights, etc. See the website for more details http://www.onehournopower.com/

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Do we have to pay to go to see the St. Anthony parade in June in Lisbon? KDupree

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I´m new to the Lisbon area and I have been told that the Alfama district is very interesting, Is it a shopping area?

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Is it possible to get day tickets for the Metro, as i have to go to several places in lisbon in one day.

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