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Are there any regular shuttle buses from Lisbon airport to Lisbon City centre. or is it easier to get a taxi.

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Hello, Over the summer, I will be moving to Portugal to be with my boyfriend, who is Portuguese. I'm seeking work as a CELTA-certified English teacher, but I'm having trouble understanding work visa regulations. Everything I've received thus far is official, by-the-book information from the embassies and consulates I have contacted. I realize there may be a significant disparity between this advice and what happens in reality. I'm looking for those, American or otherwise, who might be able to advise a non-EU citizen in search of work. If you have experience as a teacher, especially, some guidance would be immensely helpful. Thank you! -Chel

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Sintra educated portuguese multi-lingual competent gentleman with car, seeks to give assistance and accompanying elderly people. Also experienced with confined elderly. Please call: 219 152 356. And 91 21 51 717.stbl

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Good afternoon all. I have been dredging through the internet looking for a Language School to study portuguese this summer without much joy. Does anyone know of a small, privately-run Language School in the Lisbon area, prehaps a friend's, that they could refer to me please? I am looking to stay in the city. I will be studying for two months andit mka es more sense to me to work in a smaller more personal school. Thank you for your help. Will

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Much has been said lately on the news about the Costa da Caparica flooding of the campsite and caravan park, its high waves and environmental disaster. It all seems very strange to me why the portuguese government does not take measures to put the matter right once and for all. It is a pitty that they do not give the necessary importance to this coastal zone and touristic spot. In my opinion it is vital that the sand bank is put back, some say that it was taken to build Lisbon property. Please, if anyone who has been afected by this environment calamity would like to start a debate or indeed tell us their story, would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello. I look for someone to help me in English (mostly conversation) and in exchange I will give Portuguese/French classes. Zone preference: Oeiras, Carcavelos and surroundings. E-mail: ma_celine@sapo.pt Celina Gaspar

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Hello Does anyone know of a website for Portuguese grading system that compares the English A level grades to Portuguese Licenciature. They have the Scottish, Italian, French but nothing for Portuguese? Any help is greatly appreciated. Sung

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Please I am getting constant pop-ups that are annoying me, can anyone help? One of which is: http://partyfriendfinder.com/go/page/ad_partyff_partygirls?pid=p163143.subportugal_partygirlszaza

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Hi, I have been attempting to move overseas to either Portugal or another mediterranean country from the US. I know a bit of Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese to get by, are there any head-hunters in Lisbon that can help to relocate? I really appreciate any assistance/advice. robby

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I have got family coming out to spend some of the Easter holidays with us in Lisbon - is Easter special here? What sort of things happen? All information very welcome. Thank you

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