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Hi there   I am writing this as I just need some thoughts aroung something that happeed on July 3rd, I think in the Campo Pequeno car park. My bag contaiing lots of perosnal information, my iphone and some other personal belongings went missing in the car park. Can anyone give me any ideas who I can contact in the hope that it was found? I contacted the usual places, Police etc and no luck. Maybe someone can assist .   Apppreciate any suggestions.

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  Next week sees the departure of our current Locum Chaplain, the Very Reverend Alan Woods, and his wife Barbara. We hope they have enjoyed their stay with us and particularly the barbecue, when Fr Alan was able to chalk up one more year!. Please accept our thanks for all you have done and our best wishes for a safe journey back. The replacement Locum Chaplain, the Reverend Dr Martin Kitchen, is new to the Greater Lisbon Chaplaincy. Below is a letter he has sent us by way of introduction: Dear Friends, Sheila and I are greatly looking forward to our first visit to Portugal while I act as your locum for six weeks from the middle of August. We live in retirement in Wall - near Hexham in Northumberland - having enjoyed interesting and varied careers.  I studied German and French immediately after leaving school, then later went to King's College London and the University of Manchester to develop my interests in the New Testament (where German, especially, proved very handy).  My wife trained as a physiotherapist at Guy's Hospital in London, and her fascination with the possibilities of an evidence-based approach to professional practice led her into teaching and research in both London and Manchester. I was ordained in 1979 and trained Church Army Officers while serving a curacy in Southwark.  We then moved to Manchester, where I became Chaplain to what was then the Polytechnic.  After that we moved back to Southwark, where I spent nine years as Adviser in In-Service Training.  There followed seven delightful years as a Canon of Durham, a brief period as Dean of Derby, then parish ministry in four rural parishes in Essex. A good proportion of my time in the later part of my ministry involved developing links with the Lutheran churches of northern Europe, so the south of the continent will open up new vistas for us.  We are very grateful for the welcome we have already received by courtesy of the world-wide web, and we look forward very much to getting to know you all - and finding some sunshine! With very best wishes, Sincerely yours, Martin    

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BEWARE OF PICKPOCKETS!  On Sunday, 2nd August my husband and I went into Lisbon to continue our Lisbon walks.  Last year I was given a pack of 54 discovery cards titled “Lisbon walks and on bike”.    We parked our car at Cais de Sodre and made our way to Santa Apolonia Station where our walk was to begin. Our walk led us to the highpoint of Miradouro da Senhora do Monte, which has fabulous views over the city.  We then descended down row after row of steep steps until we ended up in Mems Martin at about 1330, where we had a pleasant lunch in the square before walking back to our car. It wasn’t until we arrived home that I discovered my purse was missing!    I had intentionally not taken my handbag and deposited my purse and other items into my husband’s rucksack.   I remembered I had noticed on the walk and commented to my husband, that his rucksack was open whilst we were nearing Santa Apolonia but didn’t think anymore of it!   We then reported the theft  to the Police at the station in Cascais, where they were extremely helpful.   The following morning I received a telephone call from the Transport Police in Lisbon informing me that my purse had been found and handed in to them.    All that was missing was the cash – my debit card, driving licence and other cards were all there – amazing! Yesterday afternoon we drove into the Police Station, which is the PSP Transport Division at Av. Maria Helena Vieira da Silva 48, near the Airport.   A very pleasant policeman did the paperwork and gave me back my purse.  The purse had been found inside a construction site in Rua Santarem when the construction company opened up the gates to start work.    The Policeman informed me that they believe they know who stole the purse as there is a gang of about three Eastern Europeans working in that area and they just steal money.  If they are caught with the credit/debit cards etc. they could be prosecuted – cash is harder to prove ownership. So, the message is to be aware of pickpockets, not only in the Alfama area, but everywhere.   If using a rucksack to make sure the zips are closed and secure by a small padlock.    

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List of English speaking funeral homes available anywhere? Thanks.

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National Association of Local Lodging Establishments (NALLE) has a short article alerting the public that  Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras (SEF) has halted the Golden Visa Programme until further notice. To read the article, please visit http://nalle.pt/2015/07/16/golden-visa-programme-stopped/

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I have a few hours each week that I'd like to devote to volunteering at a local charity. My Portuguese is not as good as I'd hoped, so I'm hoping there is group who could use some help. Anyone out there know of a charity they'd recommend?

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We have friends coming to stay in a few weeks and they've asked about touring Lisbon, Sintra and possibly going up towards the Medieval towns. Can anyone reccommend a good company for them to use?

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A recent trip with IWP members has been shared on Lisbon Live. The trip was to the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) located in Lisbon and included a guided tour. Read all about it right here: http://blogs.angloinfo.com/lisbon-live/2015/07/14/iwp-visit-european-monitoring-centre-for-drugs-and-drug-addiction/

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Hi Lisbon Angloinfo readers! My husband has been transferred to Portugal and we arrive in late August. We plan to stay with friends near Malveira until we finalise housing most likely in Estoril. Would someone please advise about daycare - we have a 4yr old and want to settle him in quickly. Many thanks - in advance for your help. Jan

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Not to Be Missed A reminder about  the great FIC – Festival International de Cultura in and around Cascais.  Coming up July 8 | 22:30 Dubliners and others - evening of music and Irish poetry Venue: Castro Guimarães Museum Selection of poems by Hugo Pinto Santos, told by Renato Filipe Cardoso. The poetry of the Emerald Isle in the music of The Loafing Heroes, the band where writer John Thrush performs.

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A new article has just been published on Cascais Live that we invite you to read. Riding for the Disabled (Associação Hípica Terapeutica, IPSS,) in Cascais helps handicapped children and young adults develop physically and intellectually. To read the entire article and see some great photos, please use this link:  http://blogs.angloinfo.com/cascais-live/2015/07/03/riding-for-the-disabled/

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Will there be anything happening this weekend within the American community to celebrate Independance Day?  If no - anyone up for a park get together or something else - BBQ? 

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Some news from the Lisbon Chaplaincy (Anglican churches serving Greater Lisbon): The last few weeks have flown by and already it is time to say farewell next week to the Ven Alan Wolstencroft and Christine. Once again we have all enjoyed your time with us greatly. Many thanks to you both.  On the same day as Fr Alan Wolstencroft and Christine leave The Very Reverend Alan Woods arrives, together with his wife Barbara. Fr Alan was our Locum Chaplain in November 2012 and prior to that he had been Archdeacon of Gibraltar and Dean of Gibraltar Cathedral.  Both Fr Alan and Barbara say it will be very interesting to see both Estoril and Lisbon in the summer  rather than in the cold and dull days of November/December and to be able to explore some new areas.

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A recap of the last Cascais Pub Quiz for the current season on Sunday, 28 June with photos has just been published. Some very special guests were in attendance and the money was raised for charity. Head over to Lisbon Live to read the full story and have a look at the night's photos: http://blogs.angloinfo.com/cascais-live/2015/06/29/oh-what-a-night/

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We'd like to bring to your attention a great newsletter. South Africans Portugal send out a monthly newsletter full of information for anyone with ties to South Africa and Portugal, and any others who may be interested.  It carries news worthy articles, light-hearted pokes, bits of fun, upcoming events, relevant adverts and lots of photos.  All of this produced by Hans Lamers! Sign up is quite easy and can be completed via the Facebook page South Africans Portugal. Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/southafricansinportugal  Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/South-Africans-Portugal/1450256495235271 

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A new and very interesting article by Jackie Kennard detailing a recent trip to the Chalet and Garden of the Countess of Edla has just been published. Head over to Lisbon Live to read all about it: http://blogs.angloinfo.com/lisbon-live/2015/06/25/chalet-and-garden-of-the-countess-of-edla/  

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A new article and great photos is now available on Lisbon Live about their latest activities at  Quinta do Marinha. To read the article, please visit: http://blogs.angloinfo.com/lisbon-live/2015/06/24/toffs-visit-quinta-do-marinha/

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A new article has just been published on Lisbon Live including some photos of IWP members helping to keep the Cresmina-Guincho Dunes beautiful. To read all about it, head over to Lisbon Live here: IWP - Removal of Invasive Acacia Plants

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We have an opportunity to relocated to Portugal this summer and have questions about the school system. Our children are 4 and 7 and will need to be enrolled in the school system. What documents will be needed when doing so and also how long the school day is for young children. Are there many differences between public and private school besides tuition fees? Thank you in advance for your help.

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I'll be in Lisbon during early July and as an American, Independance Day is special. Does anyone know if I have to be a member to attend this 4th of July party? 

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