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Hi everyone,Does anyone know of any good place I can do pregnancy yoga in Lisbon?? Do they teach in English???And, whilst I'm asking - do you know of any shops where I can buy maternity clothes?Thanks so much in advance!Sharon

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Hi ThereI´m looking for antenatal and/or pregnancy yoga classes or a teacher. Can you help?Thanks!Emily

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Does anyone know the criteria which govern access to Portuguese health services, in particular registering with a general practitioner?  I know that an EU citizen can access health services by obtaining a European Health Insurance Card but are other nationals living permanently in Portugal able to access national health services here and what is the procedure to follow to register?Thanks.

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 Hello All I can't find it at any pharmacy and they don't seem to know what I'm talking about. Is it called by another name here? Anyone can suggest me?

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Does anyone know where I can get a spray tan in Cascais? Getting married and need to get one soon. Thanks!

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Can someone recommend an English speaking gynaecologist in Lisbon?

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Does anyone know of the approximate costs for knee and hip replacement operations in the Lisbon area?  It would also be helpful to know of people's experience with these operations here in Portugal.

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I'm hopeful to find and English speaking allergist who treats adult and children. Can anyone provide a suggestion?

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Does anyone know of an English speaking Physio around the Oeiras, Parede, Carcavelos area, that would do home visits? My husband had a stroke and is partly paralysed and needs daily physio now he is home.Any suggestions would be appreciated

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I need to be seen for possible skin cancer and don't know a dermatologist here. Can any of you recommend one? Lisbon area, please.

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Where in Lisbon can I get a tattoo done by a qualified artist? I have my own art so they need to be able to free hand a design.

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Hi there,I am currently trying to find some short courses / workshops in nutrition around Lisbon and was wondering if any one can guide me.I have been looking for the past month now, and all I seem to find are universities offering full time courses over 4 years.Should anyone have any information on such part time courses or workshops please let me know, I would really appreciate any guidance.Thanks Bianca :)

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Looking for an English speaking hair stylist Cascais are, please.

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Hello, we have recently moved to Cascais and after much discussion with my employer, I have opted to sort out my own health insurance. To give some context this would be a policy for myself, my wife and our three children, ages 0, 2 and 5 I was looking for guidance / experiences on the pros and cons of an expat policy versus taking out a local policy which is a lot cheaper but seems to offer a similar level of coverage.  One other point - if I take out a local policy do I still need to go to a state run medical centre first for a referral?  I was looking at a local policy with Medis as that allows use of the local CUF Cascais hospital which I found to be very good when my Mum recently visited and managed to fall and break her pelvis - cue 20 days in hospital and a medical flight back to the UK last week!  Excuse my ignorance but I stupidly assumed my company HR department would have been more helpful but they have let me down !!! Best wishes,Anthony.

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I need some acupuncture and possibly physiotherapy on a damaged knee - Can someone recommend English speaking people?

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does anyone know about senior dental subsidies - what age are they from, how do you apply for them and where, and can they be for dentures?

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I'm in need of good weekly massages due to a health problem. The person I trusted for several years has unfortunately moved away and I need to build a new relationship. Does anyone have someone they would recommend?

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Hello, I am looking for an English speaking licensed homeopath that works close to Oeiras/Lisbon. I welcome any recommendations from anyone.  Thank you Eda

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