Brazilian wax

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Have you had a Brazilian wax done at any stage? Can you recommend a salon in Lisbon where I could get it done?


Sunrisesunset 1239496891

You can get a brazilian wax in the Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Spa and Beauty Salon, takes about 45 minutes, cost €35. May have gone up, I was there about 2 months ago. Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca, Lisbon. Telephone 213 811 400.

LEJ 1336781779

Ok ..... I know that this post is really old, but after a dodgy experience I googled this topic, and this post came up. I actually went to the Ritz, and the cost is now 36€. Bit pricey by PT standards, but you get full use of spa facilities (so go early), pool (indoor and out) and the treatment was the most thorough and best BW ever. Well worth it( and actually not expensive when compared to UK prices). I will be going back every time. Katarina was amazing.

Buynfruit 1336945720

I've always been terrified to try this. Did it hurt and on average uncomfortable as the weeks progress?

HarrysGirl 1337038913

I can answer about this, having had a BW recently. Discomfort depends on the individual but it's over so quickly, that it's tolerable. Nothing uncomfortable after that.

LEJ 1377022519

Have to say, I don't find it too painful .... its well worth it!!!! Everyone is different though. 

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