Carpal Tunnel?

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I am hopeful that someone here will read this and can suggest a doctor in the Lisbon area who can successfully treat it.    


SandDreamer 1357243699

It's something I suffered with after years of working on a keyboard.  My doctor was not located in Portugal but I do know that there are a lot of doctors in the Lisbon region who can treat the condition. I suggest you try a non-surgical way to help first unless the doctor says surgery is the only way to help.  Chiropractic medicine can help.

After looking through the section here in the directtory, there are several I would contact if it was me.


teadrinker-761358 1357248322

It didn't ever occur to me to try a chiropractor, so thank you for the suggestion. I'll make some phone calls and see how it works out and will post once I've been seen.

Naomi Smith 1357336060

I wanted to share this with you after seeing your post:


Wishing you well!

teadrinker-761358 1357678413

Thanks for the help here - I'm doing better after a session of massage and acupuncture. Grateful for the directory listings to locate someone with whom I could communicate in English, too.

Phill B-750209 1358162431

I recommend you try Bowen Technique as it has such a high success rate for carpal tunnel along with many many other ailments. You would probably find therapists on google or maybe even in the AngloInfo directory.

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