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Hello All Does anyone know of a good physiotherapist on Cascais specialised in cranossacral therapy or if not in Lisbon? I have some serious spine problems so it should be a very gently form of therapy and someone that is well experienced. Hope you can help.


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I have not been a patient of this doctor, but heard very good things:

Chiropractors do Estoril

Sacro-occipital technique, activator chiropractic methods, kinesio taping. Lyle W. Grenz, DC, graduate Texas Chiropractic College 1968.

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I can thoroughly recommend my Osteopath, Fátima Menino (Oxford Brookes University). She is simply brilliant! Never felt better.

Tel: 21483 8670, Mob: 91 403 4718

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I can defintely recommend you the Osteopath belonging to the General Osteopathic Council UK.

His name is Bruno Campos.  He is based in Oeiras and is a UK qualified Osteopath.


Bruno Campos: Tel. 214 412 533  Mobile 963 550 243.


I suggest you ring him and talk to him about your problem.



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