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Hello, we have recently moved to Cascais and after much discussion with my employer, I have opted to sort out my own health insurance. To give some context this would be a policy for myself, my wife and our three children, ages 0, 2 and 5 I was looking for guidance / experiences on the pros and cons of an expat policy versus taking out a local policy which is a lot cheaper but seems to offer a similar level of coverage.  One other point - if I take out a local policy do I still need to go to a state run medical centre first for a referral?  I was looking at a local policy with Medis as that allows use of the local CUF Cascais hospital which I found to be very good when my Mum recently visited and managed to fall and break her pelvis - cue 20 days in hospital and a medical flight back to the UK last week!  Excuse my ignorance but I stupidly assumed my company HR department would have been more helpful but they have let me down !!! Best wishes,Anthony.


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Quite a few people I know have opted out of the Expat Medical Insurance schemes for the same reason - unnecessarily expensive. Others bring with them insurance from long-standing plans in their home countries.

Medis is at the top end of prices for medical health, so it is worth looking around and getting comparative quotes. Lusitania Seguros is a company that took over some of the UK based insurance companies when they sold their operations in Portugal. Royal Exchange was one of them.

Their insurance uses AdvanceCare which also has access to ClinicaCuf in Cascais. On their website I noticed a 20% discount for whole family insurance which might be a factor. 

Hope that helps - by the way I have no personal interest in suggesting you look at Lusitania. Have just heard good reports.


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Whichever policy you choose, make certain dental coverage is excellent.  I have just left a policy where numerous dentists decided to opt out. The companies listed in the previous post were not the company I used.

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