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I am a British citizen living in Sweden. My husband will work in Lisbon for 1 or 2 years and I am wondering what I can do to have access to Portughese Health National Care while living there. I do have a EU health card, which functioned very well when I needed to go in emergency to hospital. However I do not know how I can go to a GP or specialist if needed without inccuring large costs.  emal to anahata_12 at yahoo dot fr. Thank you.    


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I'm going to send you to an Infopage here on the site that should answer your questions but post again if something else needs attention:

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Hi, here's a previous thread that might interest you:

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Thank you - as we will live in Cascais CUF in Cobre should be fine.  I am not sure if I understand, is that a private or or National Health clinic ? Also what 'local A&E' stands for? Can you recomend some clinics, doctors in Cascais - I do not drive so it is handy to have some local medical possibilities. Probably the two specialists we might need are physiotherapists (osteo-artritis) and dermatologists.Hope you can help with more details.

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CUF is a private hospital with locations in various cities in Portugal and A&E stands for accident and emergency (if I understand that you are asking what it stands for).

This site has a directory that's very useful so I'll start you off there:

main health and beauty section and doctors


Here is one of the listings and hopefully anyone with personal knowledge who can help you will follow with more information.

Dr. Cristina Catita 
213 513 310

Rheumatology and physiotherapy practice. Located at Avenue Antonio Augusto de Aguiar, 40 rc left, Lisbon.





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I was just reading your post and thought to add some information because you've mentioned you do not drive.


Here is the website for the bus service, metro and taxi:


Bus -

Metro -


Taxis -

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Thank you all for your detailed answers and help. Winter greetings from the snowyStockholm.

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