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Hi there,I am currently trying to find some short courses / workshops in nutrition around Lisbon and was wondering if any one can guide me.I have been looking for the past month now, and all I seem to find are universities offering full time courses over 4 years.Should anyone have any information on such part time courses or workshops please let me know, I would really appreciate any guidance.Thanks Bianca :)


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there are shorter courses available. In the Lisbon area these will be in Portuguese but if that is not a problem there are a couple of links below.

You can ask at bigger pharmacies and health or fitness spas as they will often be linked to a nutrition expert who will know where the shorter term course are available.

Hope you are successful

http://www.cefad.pt/nutriccedilatildeo-e-dieteacutetica.html 25 hours

http://empower-up.pt/cursos/nutricao-e-dietetica/ 80 hours

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Thank you very much !!
will check them out

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I know that some of these offer nutrician counselling and might help you: https://www.angloinfo.com/lisbon/directory/lisbon-complementary-therapies-wellness-424

Dr. Jody Jakob is also well versed in nutrition: https://www.angloinfo.com/lisbon/directory/listing/lisbon-osteopathy-saude-integral-6627

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Some of the holistic centres, Tibetan, etc. also offer this sort of course work.

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