Massage in the Estoril area

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William K-10065166 1481737664

Can anyone recommend a nice, clean and decent place to get a good professional full body massage. I shall bestaying in the Estoril area for some time, and need regular massage. I would rateher not spend several weeks to search for the right place, therefore I hope to get a good recommendation here. Thank you.

AYUR-VIDA-871540 1481800469

Hi ! 

I give Ayurvedic Massage with Oils. Its reduces pain of body, relives stress and relaxation of Mind . I gives Massage at home as well as my place at Amadora. Thanks ! Regards Ayur Vida  935762020

William K-10065166 1481808734

Thank you for the information, AYUR-VIDA. However, I am actually looking for a place more close to Estoril, for instance in Cascais or Sao Joao. I believe there are many small businesses, and I would appreciate very much if one of you readers could give me an honest recommendation, based on his own experiences. My back and legs need regular massage, so I would appreciate not having to shop around for several weeks to find the right place.  By using this great forum I hope to find a really professional, skilled and friendly massagista and clean and cosy sorroundings.

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