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I am in need of a nutritionist or dietition to help me begin a doctor's diet and could use some help finding one. I've asked at my Centro de Saude and didn't get results.


Bertie-763325 1361060971

Call Dr Jay Carson, Chiropractor (Centro Quiropratico de Cascais) and see if he can coach you through what you need.

Full contact is here:

Lorraine Bregeras 1361115612

Thank you. I will contact him but if there are any other suggestions, I'd like them as well.

djazzmilla9 1361119667

i could help you it is part of my profession. I live in Lisbon 

dietistajennifer 1361224267

Dear Lorraine, I am a registered dietitian from the US and also recognized here in Portugal by the Ordem dos Nutricionistas.  I would be happy to help you, please call or email me  Tel: 962 957 457 or

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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