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Does anyone know of a Pilates class in Lisbon that doesn't involve paying a gym a registration fee or monthly payment? I don't mind paying for the classes but I do mind paying a gym €30 a month just for the one class.


HarrysGirl 1337038808

Have you tried calling Equinow Fitness? I don't know about their prices but I do remember that they have a lot of plans.

silvers-763077 1337069122

I'll give them a call. Thanks HG

louise-757700 1356344407

Hi Silvers,

Are you still looking for Pilates classes? There's a gym in Av. Joao XXI (Varequipe) that has very good teachers. Have a look at their site.

DGD 1356388553

Louise - do you have their website info?

louise-757700 1356395900

Hi Donna, it's www.varequipe.pt


DGD 1356456861

Thanks!  What a great facility - very nice Pilates equipment.

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