Tattoo artist wanted

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Where in Lisbon can I get a tattoo done by a qualified artist? I have my own art so they need to be able to free hand a design.


Caes_luvr 1291754683

Triparte Tattoo does a good job as well with free hand design.

renemaia 1292230502

Know of someone very good (excellent). If you still want done, let me know and I will provide contact details

teadrinker-761358 1292230939

Thanks Renemaia - It shall be a New Year's tattoo if I can get over the worries about inking my body! Do you have any tattoos?

renemaia 1292231652

No but have thought of getting one. If I did it would be something small. I think if you are going to have one you should really think about what you want as it is something you have to "carry" with you for a very long time. Also, should be on a body part that is still going to look good 20 years down the line.

DonaGael 1292246015

A small Celtic harp sits on my friend's shoulder. Not too bad and as you say, in 20 years, the shoulder should still be looking good.

Rhody-762322 1293418137


I've seen your post about a very good tatoo artist in Lisbonne.

I'm currentls her, and my friend and me would like make tatoo.

Can you please send me the informations (asap, we fly on 01.12.10) ?

Many thanks in advance, and wish you all the best!


teadrinker-761358 1293469494

Still working on my my second thoughts and unsure if I'll be ready for ink any time soon. Deciding on what art to place and where is also a big consideration.

Alina-Nice-857145 1461273959

Look at this realistic artist from Lisbon Links: ,

sunlover 1461289551

Do you know if that tattoo artist speaks English?

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