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Does anyone know if there is any Zumba classes in or around Cascais any information greatly appreciated Sue


silvers-763077 1328275552

Hi Sue,
I did a search for Zumba Lisboa and found one in Alcantara for you.

silvers-763077 1328275580

Academia Alcântara: Terças e Sextas 12h00-13h00
Segundas e Quartas 19h30-20h30
Sábado 09h00-10h00

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Thankyou very much Ill look into it, maybe if it catches on they will start one in Cascais



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Here's a link for one in Cascais as well: http://pt.letsbonus.com/lisboa/workshop-zumba-fitness. Justfitness Gandarinha - Instrutor: Paulo Esparteiro
Tel: 913 374 838

suzyque-761937 1328455363

Thankyou Ill give him a call.



Navalai 1366383820

Hello Sue,  were you successful in your search?  As I might also be moving to Cascais later on this year.  

On Zumba.com, you can search for an instructor by location, however timings are a bit sparse.  Please let us know.

TheresaG 1366672753

Silly question, but I can't dance - would I be able to go to a Zumba class and work out?  I'm seeing the classes that everyone has posted and am now curious.

portuguesesarah 1367263263

Hi Susyque,

I do zumba in Cascais with some friends and it's fantastic. We have a very nice English teacher and it is at a place called the Sociedade Musical de Cascais. It is just below the GB store in Cascais.

I'm sorry cant remember the name of the street but it is very central Cascais and if you can find the gb store (google it) they also have a leaflet about it with the full address etc.,


Hope this helps.



TheresaG 1367265077

I know where th GB Store is, so it's very easy for me to go try. I hope some of you who posted, including the original poster will be there.

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