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If I was to set up a swap shop - for clothes, bags, shoes etc, would there be much interest do you think?

started by: Westernboy · last update: 1235085483 · posted: 1235068474

Do they have Holmes Place in Lisbon? Is so, anyone know where? Had too many pasteis da natas over the last while and want to lose weight fast for a wedding coming up.

started by: Bugsinmyhead · last update: 1234810082 · posted: 1234810082

Anyone know anywhere I can get hair extensions done? Wedding coming up, fed up looking like a boy, want a total change!

started by: Milly-758554 · last update: 1234555189 · posted: 1234375237

Getting to that stage in life, I'm 50, where I'm thinking should I get botox or some other fillers to keep me young looking. Has anyone had it done, is it painful, would you advise me to go ahead with it. Any guys out there - what do you think of women who use fillers, or should we all grow old gracefully? Help!

started by: Paula1-758756 · last update: 1234546836 · posted: 1234374666

Can anyone recommend a good hair salon and a good beautician in central Lisbon area?

started by: Ola-758784 · last update: 1234546705 · posted: 1234475949

Looking for a hairdresser who will come to my home to give me a blow-dry, anyone know one?

started by: Sparkles-758787 · last update: 1234519144 · posted: 1234478825

Has anyone had tooth-whitening done? Is it worth it or are the kits you buy in the chemist as good? Rough price I might have to pay?

started by: Bailey-758698 · last update: 1234213904 · posted: 1233965835

Has anyone had laser eye surgery? Where did you have it done? Should I get one eye at a time or is it safe to get both done at once.

started by: green154 · last update: 1233050516 · posted: 1224235221

Have Dengue fever carrying mosquitos been found over here?

started by: phoebe-756022 · last update: 1233005739 · posted: 1221562477

The tan is fading fast. Where can I find a not-too-expensive tanning salon to go top it up?

started by: Pru-756019 · last update: 1225100443 · posted: 1224847269

The Western diet has been linked to an increase risk of heart attacks. I was just wondering, what is the definition of a western diet?

started by: tasha-756055 · last update: 1224576775 · posted: 1224237180

Nope, I'm not preparing a costume for halloween. I went swimming yesterday and my newly dyed blonde locks are green! What should I do? The only thing stopping me from calling a local hairdresser, apart from potential humiliation, is the cost to put it right. Are there any quick fixes I could try first?

started by: tasha-756055 · last update: 1223465829 · posted: 1223291359

In a moment of madness I decided to dye my hair blonde. Problem is now it's very dry and untameable. Anyone got a solution?

started by: tasha-756055 · last update: 1221498160 · posted: 1221483869

Where can I buy these in Lisbon? Are they available at shoe shops? I have bought some killer heels that I want to wear out and I desperately need some inner soles to cushion the pain!

started by: phoebe-756022 · last update: 1220352052 · posted: 1219944169

Please could you tell me - is there anywhere in Lisbon providing this kind of therapy?

started by: nice-756101 · last update: 1211570208 · posted: 1211570208

Can calluses be removed permanently ?

started by: LucyB-756464 · last update: 1210874003 · posted: 1210501708

I don't like sunbathing and wear far too much suncream anyway, but fancy a safe tan. Does anyone know somewhere that does those spray on tans. I've tried doing it myself but not very well.Lucy B

started by: nigel-756099 · last update: 1210337652 · posted: 1209418976

I read somewhere that drinking moderately 35cl of beer twice a day may have similar benefits as wine in regards to the prevention of heart conditions?Any ideas?

started by: LucyB-756464 · last update: 1207478050 · posted: 1207171848

What is the procedure here in Portugal. Can I just take my prescription into an opticians or do I need to have an eye test/contact lens check first? Is it expensive here?Lucy B

started by: Laeg · last update: 1202382246 · posted: 1202321791

Anyone recommend a good barber in Lisboa (Baixa area)? Are blades equivalent here, for example a blade 2 is a blade 2 and not equivalent to a blade 1 etc.

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