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Can someone recommend an English speaking allergist, please.  

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A friend has asked me to inquire as to whether the harriers have a club here? We'll be having our friends as guests soon and the husband is an avid runner. Does anyone know about this group?

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Where can I find hearing aids? Do I need a physician to prescribe one for me? Is it covered under the PT National Health Service?

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HI there Can anyone tell me how I go about getting a smear test (pap, I think it is called here).? I am going round in circles and getting nowhere. Thanks so much

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I'd like to join a gym set up for women only. Location doesn't matter. Grateful for all replies.

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Looking for a part-time personal assistant for an older woman with limited mobility living in a senior residence along the Linha de Cascais outside Lisbon. The job is 20 hours a week and involves quiet companionship, errand running and help with minor personal assistance tasks (personal care is taken care of by the residence staff). More information available for those who are interested.

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Hello everyone ! I am making plans in moving to Lisbon and therefor I need a job to support myself. I am a physiotherapist as a profession. I was really hoping that from here I can find some help in this, is it possible, where I should look, some useful contacts ? I speak fluently English, my Portuguese is not very good to be honest.  Any help, just something would make a big difference. Many thanks in advance.    Liina

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Recently arrived and now need the name of an excellent orthopedist please.

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Are there any shops that sell custom ladies lingerie? Specifically looking for bras.

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Are vaccinations mandatory for children here?

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Hello,  I'm new to Lisbon and after travelling I  desperately need to fix up my hair colour. Unfortunately at this point I can't afford to visit a salon, so looking for advice on where to buy regular high street brand semi - permanent home hair colours? Thanks, Carly  

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Hi,  I'm looking for english speaking 12 step meetings, mainly NA in Lisbon-Casais region (along the linha). Also looking to meet up with recovering addicts for fun days out / surfing / paddle boarding, dopamine lifting activities. I used to live in Lisbon many years ago and am interested in building up a new healthy friend network and lifestyle. Al

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We really wanted to share this fascinating interview for the BBC about the work of Sophie de Oliveira Barata. The video is 4 minutes long but well worth watching. You can find it on Lisbon Live at this link: Personalized Prosthetic Limbs Sophie has set up the Alternative Limb Project http://www.thealternativelimbproject.com/ in her London studio. From an art background, with a first class honours degree in Special Effects prosthetics for film and TV, Sophie worked as a sculptor for 8 years at one of the UK’s leading prosthetic providers, making realistic, bespoke prosthetics for amputees. her Alternative Limb Project designs and creates prosthetics to blend perfectly with the wearer’s body or become a work of art made uniquely to suit an individual. There is also this excellent interview in the Guardian from December 2013 to learn more: http://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2013/dec/29/artificial-limbs-art-de-oliveira-barata-interview

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I am part of a group who are running a charity 5km in Cascais in May.  We would like to 'push' a disabled member of our team but need a lightweight aluminium wheelchair.  Any chance anyone knows where I may borrow one of these.  Some of the sporting institutes want to charge a huge amount for the pleasure which rather defeats the object of the charitable run.  Anyone help?

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I've a friend preparing for chemo and she's worried about losing her hair. Does anyone know of a sho for wigs or a group that will help my friend sort out this need?

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There are now 5 deaths -38 in Intensify Care & 233 in Hospital Why has this been kept quite ? http://www.ionline.pt/artigos/portugal/bacteria-surto-legionella-vila-franca-terceiro-maior-sempre  

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Hello, I went to see an orthopedist at CUF Cascais (Dr. Carlos Amaral) who recommended hip replacement surgery to treat my osteoarthritic hip.  His diagnosis did not come as a surprise to me at all.  However, as a newcomer in the area who has never even set a foot into a Portuguese hospital, I would love to hear your thoughts about the whole experience, either with Dr. Amaral or another orthopedic surgeon. Thank you very much in advance!

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Hi ! Where do I find the best, reputable, high quality, english speaking acupuncture clinic in Lisbon? Please share your experience! Thank you :-)

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Is there somewhere to get a free mammogram? I was told recently that some group offers them, but I can't locate which one. If anyone can help, it would really be appreciated.

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Is there somewhere I can get organic makeup? I've an allergy to some of the animal products in typical make up brands and need to go organic.   Tx  Mary

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