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Does anyone know of (or where to look for) an English-speaking home carer/aide who can assist, prepare meals and generally be present for my mobility-reduced mother who has a condition that causes her to fall with some frequency? It would probably for about 12 hours a day. Once my mother arrives, we will be looking for a more permanent living arrangement (such as a 'lar') for her, but she will be staying alone in a specially-equipped aparthotel for a few weeks and will need some care.

started by: BDand3 · last update: 1407358509 · posted: 1406556298

Hoping to find an Osteopath to help manage fibromyalgia and suggest fitness plan. Any area - will travel as far as Sintra if needed or into Setubal.

started by: ToniSummersmith · last update: 1407243583 · posted: 1407190706

Is there somewheer I can buy a good roll on or cream repellant preferably with DEET? Nothing with citronella is working well and I'm allergic to the bites.

started by: cara8 · last update: 1406984543 · posted: 1406936030

H there, I am attending a wedding in Cascai, Lisbon in two weeks time and I'm trying to find a good make up artist and hairdresser for the day. Would anyone have any recommendations. tks, Cara :)

started by: alexhaggis · last update: 1406898506 · posted: 1406893775

Good morning everyone, I am wondering if anyone knows of a weight watchers or slimming world group in the Cascias area? Thank you!

started by: Diane Summers · last update: 1402355647 · posted: 1402076153

In need of a good podiatrist  who can work with diabetic feet.

started by: danwood · last update: 1398204030 · posted: 1398121093

We need to have the water from a well tested but unsure how to go about this. Are there companies who provide this for a fee?

started by: SandDreamer · last update: 1394226922 · posted: 1394142176

My doctor has written an order for an ultrasound without suggestion as to where to have it done. This is under the Portuguese system, not private. Suggestions welcomed!

started by: Jake and Mary · last update: 1394149819 · posted: 1394149819

The special insole for my shoe needs replacing. Would anyone know a good footdoc?

started by: teadrinker-761358 · last update: 1392837904 · posted: 1392765901

There seems to ne a few options out there for health insurance. Does anyone have an experience with the various popular policies - multicare and all the others I see listed on this site. Has anyone any experience dealing with some of these companies? We need dental and eye glasses coverage specifically.

started by: Vito.Silva · last update: 1392238747 · posted: 1369918072

In search of a gym where I can get in a decent workout without the social aspects I've seen at so many.  I live near Carnide Metro stop.

started by: meganwosleger · last update: 1390852195 · posted: 1390579953

Hello! I am an American Nurse living in Lisbon. I have my residency visa here.  I am a licensed and certified nurse in America.  Does anyone know who I can contact regarding nursing here in Portugal.  Will my licenense and certifications transfer over? Can anyone help me in this area?   Many thanks!!  

started by: jaysu2 · last update: 1389307413 · posted: 1389304792

Hello, I've recently moved to lisbon due to a job oppertunity. during this process I've decided to change my lifestyle. One of those changes is to visit a gym every day I can.     I understand this forum has links to some gyms here but i'd like a few recomendations. Specifically one that is beginner friendly. Easy for someone who only speaks basic portugese and is somewhat shy. By this I mean I'd rather do my own thing. Having it open to as late as possible would be amazing too as I only finish work around 19:00.     Boxing or other physical sports are a possible substitute.     Also pref as cheap as possible. roughly 15-30 euro a month.       Thanks in advance!            

started by: srsms · last update: 1388491489 · posted: 1388396061

Can anyone recommend an English speaking family doctor near to Quinta da Beloura. We are newly arrived. Will need dentist too in due course / especially for children.. Thanks

started by: PeterYork · last update: 1388273211 · posted: 1388173943

Can anyone help me as I've broken a tooth and am in dire need of a dentist. Any reccommendations from the list here?  We are with a group of friends visiting and we don't speak Portuguese.

started by: Bugsinmyhead · last update: 1387580500 · posted: 1242080236

Botox seems to be the in thing to get done? Would you go for it?

started by: Carol Burke · last update: 1387241420 · posted: 1387019993

I'm an Angloinfo user from Sao Paulo visiting Lisbon for a few weeks. I've just been invited to a party and need a fancy dress or maybe a gown. Can one of the ladies tell me some places to go and find a nice selection?

started by: Naomi Smith · last update: 1385939476 · posted: 1356741868

Will be new to the area and in need of a good Acupuncturist to carry on the work I've had here in Brisbane for a previous injury.

started by: srsms · last update: 1385222057 · posted: 1382652005

Im a botox fan and would be interested if anyone had a place or person they recommend. I have used the same person for 2 years and want to try to find someone good who doeant do "frozen". Recommendations??

started by: Madge-762481 · last update: 1383522996 · posted: 1383512432

I can't seem to find the site listing the medical centres. Can someone help by posting them again? Thanks!

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