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Im a botox fan and would be interested if anyone had a place or person they recommend. I have used the same person for 2 years and want to try to find someone good who doeant do "frozen". Recommendations??

started by: Madge-762481 · last update: 1383522996 · posted: 1383512432

I can't seem to find the site listing the medical centres. Can someone help by posting them again? Thanks!

started by: Lasttrainhome · last update: 1377022519 · posted: 1238363284

Have you had a Brazilian wax done at any stage? Can you recommend a salon in Lisbon where I could get it done?

started by: Pete and Linda · last update: 1376904681 · posted: 1376528876

In need of a counselor for one of our friends going through some hard times. Any suggestions or recommendations greatly appreciated.

started by: Amanda_S · last update: 1373841116 · posted: 1373841116

Would anyone be willing to share the name of a good Chiropractor here in Lisbon?

started by: BDand3 · last update: 1368739273 · posted: 1368698754

I don't yet have residency beacuse I am here from the US as a tourist but I need to see a doctor for a health problem. How do I do this? Will it be very expensive?

started by: Bertie-763325 · last update: 1368137942 · posted: 1368049748

Can anyone recommend a gental oral surgeon central Lisbon area would be ideal.

started by: suzyque-761937 · last update: 1367265077 · posted: 1328200709

Does anyone know if there is any Zumba classes in or around Cascais any information greatly appreciated Sue

started by: gwnordin · last update: 1364331612 · posted: 1364216999

I'm looking for a shop that sells decent walking canes, not too costly, but therapuetic. If there's one that carries a variety of handles to try, also very interested.

started by: Alexandra11-763956 · last update: 1363015515 · posted: 1362744834

Hello All Does anyone know of a good physiotherapist on Cascais specialised in cranossacral therapy or if not in Lisbon? I have some serious spine problems so it should be a very gently form of therapy and someone that is well experienced. Hope you can help.

started by: carl the pilot · last update: 1362866387 · posted: 1362353499

I'm experiencing some annoying allergies and am looking for the one thing that works - Benadryl. I can't find it at any pharmacy and they don't seem to know what I'm talking about. Is it called by another name here?

started by: Lorraine Bregeras · last update: 1361224267 · posted: 1361046432

I am in need of a nutritionist or dietition to help me begin a doctor's diet and could use some help finding one. I've asked at my Centro de Saude and didn't get results.

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Has anyone heard of this company? I recently got a call from them - apparently it's some sort of private health plan.

started by: teadrinker-761358 · last update: 1358162431 · posted: 1357115022

I am hopeful that someone here will read this and can suggest a doctor in the Lisbon area who can successfully treat it.    

started by: teadrinker-761358 · last update: 1357854277 · posted: 1357678798

Looking for these to make a homemade heated cream for pain use. Does anyone know where I can find them or similar? (or hotter?)

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Does anyone know of a Pilates class in Lisbon that doesn't involve paying a gym a registration fee or monthly payment? I don't mind paying for the classes but I do mind paying a gym €30 a month just for the one class.

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I am a British citizen living in Sweden. My husband will work in Lisbon for 1 or 2 years and I am wondering what I can do to have access to Portughese Health National Care while living there. I do have a EU health card, which functioned very well when I needed to go in emergency to hospital. However I do not know how I can go to a GP or specialist if needed without inccuring large costs.  emal to anahata_12 at yahoo dot fr. Thank you.    

started by: Allysa · last update: 1351468350 · posted: 1351299234

I'll be leaving the USA to return home to Lisbon next week. I've not been there long enough to know of a good doc or phys therapist to help me with terrible sciatic pain and welcome suggestions. Much appreciated and looking forward to returning to Portugal!

started by: InFLULSwing · last update: 1351298588 · posted: 1351253675

Hi there, Can anyone recommend a good eye care shop for fitting contact lenses? I'm looking for personal recommendation, please  :) Thank you!

started by: agnes devlin · last update: 1349481077 · posted: 1349216111

Seriously in need of an allergist located in Lisbon. If you know of someone or have experience with one, please let me know.

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