started by: LucyInLisbon · last update: 1344292379 · posted: 1344122199

I was eating a piece of bread 2 days ago an felt my tooth give way and later had proof. No pain, but I'm really going to need a dentist to deal with this. Can someone help me out with the name of a good dentist - with as little pain expected as possible?

started by: suzyque-761937 · last update: 1339462397 · posted: 1338720157

Hello Ladies is there a place in or around Cascais that does Eylash Extension please inbox me KR Susan

started by: HarrysGirl · last update: 1339372216 · posted: 1339018189

In need of good restorative dentist. Would really appreciate recommendations.

started by: gwnordin · last update: 1337125109 · posted: 1337118907

How difficult is it for someone to get the blue handicap sticker? Where do I begin to ask about it?

started by: Sam McIntyre-762993 · last update: 1337118423 · posted: 1336949301

Does anyone know where I can take CPR instruction?

started by: Buynfruit · last update: 1336783177 · posted: 1302821011

Have any of the ladies seen this available in the area? Would like to try it - afraid of waxing and don't like plucking hairs from my eyebrows.

started by: LucyInLisbon · last update: 1336694119 · posted: 1336605295

I'm wondering if someone can answer this question for me. I'll be away for a few months to live in further up the coast and will need to see a doctor once or twice. Must I travel down to where I normally live or can I go to the local Centro de Saude at my temporary home?

started by: BDand3 · last update: 1336505969 · posted: 1336131080

Where would the best hospital for children with epliepsy be and also the name of a pediatric neurologist. Thanks - this is one area we have to have fully covered before we decide to move over.

started by: TheresaG · last update: 1333493240 · posted: 1333392522

In need English speaking Chiropractor, near any Metro station Lisbon area.

started by: Annie2-762439 · last update: 1332363942 · posted: 1331922558

I have just moved to the Ferreira do Zezere/Tomar area and would welcome help in finding a English speaking doctor. Thanks

started by: MR-763490 · last update: 1330947684 · posted: 1330373298

Hi there, I would be grateful if you could tell me where to find out the pollen levels in Lisbon / Cascais area as I am suffering from hay fever badly.Thanks,MR

started by: Rick Shaw · last update: 1330119877 · posted: 1329761521

Does anyone know of a dentist who can treat me using IV sedation? I've got a terrible fear of dentists and can't sit through any procedures without being forcibly relaxed. Appreciate any names and thanks.

started by: Johnson-763463 · last update: 1329340972 · posted: 1329330853

Hi all I'm looking for a reliable and helpful pharmacist in Lisbon. I am finding it very difficult here totally unlike Porto. Can anyone suggest a branch? Thanks J.

started by: teadrinker-761358 · last update: 1327004672 · posted: 1326838763

My doctor tells me that I have frieiras as a result of my feet getting too cold and damp. I have no idea what this is except that it is very painful. Can anyone help me with an English translation of this?

started by: T&G_Newbridge · last update: 1326226308 · posted: 1326146676

Does anyone know of a dentist in Lisbon who can effectively treat TMJ? I'm in agony!

started by: SandDreamer · last update: 1326137769 · posted: 1303942600

I've been trying to stop smoking and have not been successful. Does anyone know of a place to help me put down the habit? I'm willing to try hypnotism, acupuncture or almost anything.

started by: Joanna Elliott · last update: 1325015444 · posted: 1324926614

I'm looking for virgin coconut oil but haven't found anywhere that sells it. Does anyone here use it - for cooking, skin conditions, etc.?

started by: Caes_luvr · last update: 1322474541 · posted: 1266606638

Due to an injury I could benefit from either Reiki or Swedish massage right now. Does anyone have a recommendation?

started by: LucyInLisbon · last update: 1322474016 · posted: 1298497805

Hi everyone - it's been suggested that I perform aromatherapy to help me relax. I don't know anything about this sort of thing and would be grateful if someone could suggest a place where I could learn more or practice. Thanks.

started by: Lauryn-763208 · last update: 1322473135 · posted: 1321997696

I need a suggestion for a good place for therapeutic massage. Can anyone out there help? Chiado would be great but any area will work.

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