started by: ansoria · last update: 1320699434 · posted: 1303929885

Hello, Are there any 12 step groups in Cascais or nearby? There used to be one called CO-DA, about 20 years ago! :-) I'd need location, day and time it meets. Thanks!

started by: njhr · last update: 1320679374 · posted: 1267738546

I think I need to see a counsellor about a few relationship issues.Does anyone know of any English speaking counsellors in or around Lisbon?

started by: LucyInLisbon · last update: 1320678691 · posted: 1288993774

Sorry to admit that I'm going through rough times. Are there English speaking therapists in Lisbon because I really need to talk with someone.

started by: Rick Shaw · last update: 1319938634 · posted: 1319756615

In need of doctor who speaks English and has good bedside manner. Is there somewhere I can get a list of names for English speaking docs so I can make a few calls? Any personal recommendations welcomed!

started by: ccampbell25 · last update: 1319376477 · posted: 1318590518

I wanted to share our experience yesterday, and was wondering how many other people are having similar ones...I tried to contact Groupon, post on their blog and on the FB wall but they have restricted that activity...So, our day began yesterday with a Groupon for two worth €180 for a day at the spa, plus a massage! Wonderful! Off my husband and I go…Our “spa” experience started with the turkish baths, a dark, damp, room situated on the (surely illegal) -4 floor of a building under the fire escape, with exposed electrical wires at the entrance of the wet area, let us read again what Groupon.pt said about this place,”Este espaço, situado na zona centro de Lisboa, dispõe de instalações modernas de qualidade superior, características que se estendem aos serviços prestados.” -the bathrooms, on the floor above, have a door that is falling off the hinge into the middle of the room, somebody has tried to fix the door with tape (yes! the tape used in an office for paper) but been unsuccessful, we carefully walk around this, and look towards an area where the tiles on the floor are floating in pools of dark damp dirty water…needless to say, we did not stay for the rest of our wonderful treatment.Looking back at the deal on their site, I see now that there are another 130 unlucky couples that will experience this "valuable" experience that in the end was not even worth the money I paid to print the coupon!Indeed, “Vê a tua cidade de uma prespectiva diferente com a Groupon!”

started by: GoToGirl-762545 · last update: 1315873533 · posted: 1315352004

Can someone recommend an English speaking gynaecologist in Lisbon area?

started by: LucyInLisbon · last update: 1314053029 · posted: 1313969705

Can anyone tell me what an average gym membership might cost? (Recommend a gym and I'll really be grateful!) I'm not looking for anything extravagant, just cardio. Thanks in advance.

started by: raybriggs · last update: 1313424629 · posted: 1313424629

Hi' Everyone, Does anyone know of a good English speaking Chiropodist in the Obidos / Caldas area that. If so can you please give me a number and or an address.. Thank you. Ray

started by: NSLLP-761921 · last update: 1312673359 · posted: 1312293413

Could anyone who suffers type 2 diabetes help, please. We need to know if 'Victoza' is available in Portugal?

started by: raybriggs · last update: 1310485358 · posted: 1310408391

Hi' does anyone know of an English speaking Optician in the Caldas / Obidos area, if so can you please let me know.. Thanks

started by: raybriggs · last update: 1308394784 · posted: 1307374517

Hi, We have just moved to the Obidos region and now need to register with a Doctor, can anyone advise on the whereabouts of a good English speaking Doctor either in Obidos, Caldas or Vau. If you advise either address or contact numbers Thanks... Ray

started by: fmanford1 · last update: 1299609622 · posted: 1259593939

Hi all, I need 2 dental implants done and wondered if any of you have any experience or insights to having this done in Portugal. Most searches show up Budapest as the place to go but it would be easier for me to do in Portugal. Any idea of costs?. Do people in Portugal go abroad as well or opt to do it Portugal. Any info will be most welcome. Thanks.

started by: Singher · last update: 1296517132 · posted: 1296084883

I have a friend who had a baby last week and is needing some advise with feeding. Are there any groups for new moms?

started by: TJ-762376 · last update: 1295860082 · posted: 1295200587

Does anybody know if there any Nordic walking groups in Lisbon or surrounding areas?

started by: TJ-762376 · last update: 1295221170 · posted: 1295200521

Am looking for someone to go jogging with .... haven't run for a while so we're talking nice, slow pace and somewhere flat if that's possible here!

started by: TheresaG · last update: 1295035621 · posted: 1295025236

Is there a listing of pharmacies that are open during Sundays?

started by: raybriggs · last update: 1290604443 · posted: 1290437876

Hi' All, Is there any English people out ther in Portugal willing to provide information on their experiences of the Medical system in Portugal as my wife and I are looking to move there early next year. We would welcome any advise or information that will assist us to mpve there as smoothly as we can and i am sure those of you that now live there will have made the odd mistake as i am sure we will but you could help us to reduce those problems. Thanks and kind Regards to all of you that respond Ray

started by: MovingOn-760850 · last update: 1289431196 · posted: 1289340143

I've spent a ton of money on cosmetics that don't suit my skin and want to be able to try samples of things before I buy them. Any of the ladies out there know of anywhere that will give out small samples?

started by: T&G_Newbridge · last update: 1288195633 · posted: 1288134154

Is there a gym in Lisbon area that offers a minimal membership - mainly treadmill use?

started by: Caes_luvr · last update: 1287615544 · posted: 1287529782

It seems I always see these analysis labs around Lisbon, until now that I need one. Can someone help me out by locating one for me?

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