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Is there a fitness event or marathon coming up in Lisbon soon?

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Am I able to buy Milkshake hair products in Lisbon. These are usually sold in salons.

started by: celtiberian · last update: 1280876738 · posted: 1279912950

I've been looking around various shops here in Lisbon for those two brands of skin and hair care products. Is anyone familiar enough with them to tell me if they are offered here?

started by: millerchick · last update: 1280090255 · posted: 1279146720

In the UK I always bought Boots Soltan sun cream because of the 5* UVA and B ratings. Can anyone recommend an alternative here? Thanks

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We're here in Lisbon for a long visit before our final move and hope someone can help us find a good class for Portuguese language lessons and some cooking courses.

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I've just returned to Lisbon from 2 years of being away and my local salon is closed. Can anyone recommend a good salon for waxing (bikini, upper lip, brows, legs)? I've got fine, blond hair but still annoying! Need to find someone who understands that just because it's the hair's not black, I still need a good job done. I live near Praca do Chile but am pretty flexible if it's a fantastic recco. Thanks!

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Is there a ladies gym where my sister can get in a workout a few times a week?

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Hi. I haven't been here long and I need some new glasses. I don't speak much Portuguese so I need an optician that can speak some English. Can anyone recommend one? Thanks.

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Does anyone know of any nice - and reasonably priced - tennis courts? Thanks!

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Any option to buy modest/legged swim wear ? Other than Decathlon please.

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I have been planning to take swimming lessons for a while now. However I love to join women only group. Is anyone aware of such batches run ? I municipal swimming pool where I inquired here has a mixed group.

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Can someone put me on to a good health food or natural food store near Lisbon?

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I previously requested details of decent hairdressers and was recommended one in Cascais. I see from the web that there is also a Tony & Guy in Cascais, can anyone tell me if they have used this branch and if so were they any good?

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I've got some exams coming up, and am feeling a little stressed, so fancy a nice relaxing massage. Any recommendations?

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I'm looking for a chiropractor or an acupressure therapist. Any help will be appreciated.

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My wife and I are thinking of moving to Portugal. We now live in France and have grown tired of the long cold winters. Our only concern is the quality of health care available in the area around Coimbra. The basics: I am 68, my wife is 59. We both have UK citizenship and are covered, in France, by the superb French health service (E121 etc.) which is arguably one of the best in Europe. My diabetes medication (Lantus, Velmetia etc.) costs are covered 100% here and other medication is generally covered up to 65%. I checked on the Portuguese NHS site and believe these costs would be covered in Portugal as well. We don't have a language problem as my wife is Brazilian and speaks fluent Portuguese and I can get by quite well with the language so would not necessarily need English speaking doctors and dentists. I am particularly interested in the experiences of anyone with type 2 diabetes and would welcome any comments, pro and con, about the standard of health care in northern and central Portugal.

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My RA was not flaring up until recently but is now pretty bad and I'm without any meds or even a physician. I am hopeful to find anyone who might know of a support group, online or otherwise here in the Lisbon area.*Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)

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I have been looking for Keune hair salon in the area. Does any one know where one might be?

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I want to get rid of my flabby gut.Are there any running clubs that take on total beginners in Lisbon? I can speak some Portuguese, so am happy to join a Portuguese club.

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A buddy of mine has told me about a fitness and game program you connect to your TV. Can't remember the name and hope someone here knows what I mean and where to get one.

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