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Can someone email me the name of a good therapist in the area who speaks English?Again, email only please!

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Trying to find a good waterproof mascara and not having good luck- come on girls what is your secret to avoiding panda eyes?

started by: Buynfruit · last update: 1257286355 · posted: 1256155901

My terribly curly hair needs a curling iron that gets quite hot to straighten it. Been to all the usual places without luck. Can anyone recommend a good place to find one that gets HOT?

started by: saaya · last update: 1256209185 · posted: 1253981037

I am planning to upgrade my spects. Want a new pair of glasses with some super nice frame. I absolutely have no idea how much that is going to cost me. which place i need to look at ? any suggestions? Of course I am not aiming for designer stuff. ;)

started by: zaki786 · last update: 1255712365 · posted: 1255286889

does anyone know of of a beautician that does home visits??? ive been searching everywer bt cant seem to find 1, i live in cacem in sintra pleez let me know

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Where can I buy good quality essential oils here?

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Hello, I am researching access to health services for the foreign population in Portugal. It is my understanding that many find the system complicated and rely on their social circle to find doctors. There also appears to be little choice and less satisfaction for foreigners. I am interested in learning how all nationalities have managed to find care here and what the experience has been. While it is difficult to find care in English, it appears to be almost impossible to find services in other languages. Does this affect how you use the health system? How could you be better served? If this subject matter is interesting to you and you would like to tell your story, please respond. It would be helpful also if you could answer the following questions. Answer as many as you can or the ones where you feel you have information to contribute. Thank you for your help! 1. What nationality are you? 2. What languages do you speak? 3. What city you live in? 4. Do you use the public system, private, or a combination of both? 5. How did you find and select your doctor(s)? Was it difficult to find a doctor? 6. Do you use the health system less often in Portugal than you would in your home country? Do you avoid going to the doctor? 7. Where do you receive primary care? 8. What other types of medical services has your family used in Portugal? (ex: ob/gyn) 9. Have you used any hospital services in Portugal? Which hospital, service, and how was the experience? 10. How did you find and select your hospital? 11. Level of satisfaction with current doctors? 12. What do you value most from your doctor/clinic? 13. What are the most challenging factors in using the health services in Portugal? 14. Did you receive any special consideration/help from your doctor/clinic as a non-Portuguese patient? 15. Describe the efforts made to accommodate you? 16. Considering your idea of the best customer service a patient should receive, what is missing? 17. Would you feel comfortable with a professional interpreter present with you during a consult?

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Where can I find witch hazel? Is it called something else here?

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Was recently enlightened to the great anti-anxiety benefits of Honokiol - which is a compound from magnolia bark. I am having a hard time finding this - if anyone visits or is familiar with natural food or bioplantas stores, could you take a look and let me know if you find it around here?

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Any Tai Chi classes, new or ongoing in the area? Great way to relax and find balance(literally!) in life.

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My hair always gets tangled when I swim and is really hard to brush afterwards. It helps if I use conditioner but I don't like to do that in the swimming pool as it messes the water up. Any ideas what else I could do instead.

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What are the symptoms of sunstroke and what can I do to ease it?

started by: greyum-755819 · last update: 1243669285 · posted: 1191836258

problem is I have two that I cannot seem to get rid of. They are on the back of my hand and I find them an embarrassment. Tried stuff from the chemist but it did not work. Would try anything, just about, no matter how weird. What should I do?

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Hi We are going to have a baby in August and are looking intot he possibility of having a waterbirth. We have heard of facilities in Porto but that is a little too far - does anyone know of any facilties in or around Lisbon? Many thanks for any help, dan

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I've been trying to give up smoking for about 7 years - to no avail - something always happens and I take up a packet again and off I go, one off the other...just can't stop, an addiction I don't want to have anymore as I've just had a child, think it's unhealthy but can't seem to quit. Help!

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At http://lisboncpc.blogspot.com/ you find a place where you can give expression to you feelings. This blog was created by two English speaking psychotherapists from the Great Lisbon area in an attempt to bring more unification to the English speaking community in Portugal. It intends to be a serious place where one share and work through personal difficulties related to adaptation, depression, sadness and isolation and share them with people who not only sympathize, but empathize because perhaps have or are experiencing the same difficulty. Join the discussion! Hope to see you there!

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Im 33 and have some little lines under my eyes and in my cheeks. Can I already use Serum on my face ? Is it really good in deminishing lines and keeping the skin in moisture? siMpAtIcA

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Nails are a state and with Valentines Day approaching I would like to try gel nails. Can anyone advise me on where in Lisbon I can get them done, not too expensive! Do they damage your own nails much?

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I have a mole on my back that appears to have changed colour. How can I get this checked out, I am not a permanent resident here at present.

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Has anyone had microdermabrasion done? Is it effective?

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