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Can you recommend a really good clinic to get botox done in, in Lisbon region, but would travel a little outside of Lisbon if recommendation was a better one. Have you had botox done before, does it hurt, what is the cost?

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Have Botox or grow old gracefully, which would you choose and why? Anyone had it done, how long does it last?

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Swine flu - worrying and could possibly end up as a pandemic...have there been any cases in Lisbon? How do we protect ourselves from getting it?

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My question is this - can Britons donate blood in Portugal? I have heard it mentioned that if you were in the UK during the BSE crisis that you cannot give blood due to the risk of transmitting CJD. Is this true?

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Channel 4 in the UK are making a documentary, whereby they seek to explore the different experiences of dialysis patients waiting for kidney transplants in three different European countries. We will be following one patient in the UK, with whom we have already spoken, and are looking for two other British patients in two other EU countries.We are interested in raising many of the issues that affect people who wait for organ transplants, not least of which is legislation. We are looking to explore these issues among many others in this documentary, which recounts these human stories.If you are a British ex pat living in any EU country and are on the waiting list for a kidney transplant, please contact Melissa on 0044 207422 8253 or email her on mariab@fftv.co.uk. We'll call you right back!

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Everytime I fly I always seem to get a very bad sore throat afterwards. Any advice on how best to avoid this?

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Anybody knows where is the MAC cosmetics outlet in Lisbon ?

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Was in Vasco da Gama shopping centre last week. I was watching people have eyebrow threading done? It looked painful, has anyone had it done? Would it be better than waxing?

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Having moved here from Ireland I was wondering if anyone could advise me about the health care system here. Is it best to go private? Any expats out there with firsthand experience?

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Anyone out there know of any really good hairdressers either in Lourinha, Caldas da Rainha or Cascais? I need someone who is great at cutting and colouring.JAK

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Has anyone done Pilates. Is it similar to yoga, which would you think is best for all round fitness, body posture etc.

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Live in a area where we have a lot of mosquitoes in the summer, they are an absolute curse...leaving welts on your legs. Anyone have any really good remedies for bites or better still deterrants?

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Would there be an interest in having jewellery, make-up, bags and lingerie house party in Lisbon?

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Trying to decide on a nice perfume to buy....any ideas?

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Has anyone had plastic surgery done? What have you had done and most of all why? I've just hit the big 50 and considering having a few procedures done, too scared at the moment though....

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Spray tans - what is the best one to use, from experience please? Summer is nearly upon us, don't want to look lily white but don't want to use sun beds or expose myself to too much sun!

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Has anyone out there had laser eye surgery done. Has it worked?

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Can anyone recommend a good gel nail salon in Lisbon. Prices seem to vary so much, preferably one that's not too expensive!!

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What is a safe cholesterol level. Can you check your cholesterol level yourself or do you have to go to a doctor?

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I had an incidence in Portugal a few years back when my drink was spiked. I was extremely lucky in that as friends we all stay together when we go out, unless one of us is with our partner. It pays to be aware, take care.

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